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Get ready to experience single serve coffee like never before with your new bff, the Bruvi Barista. With advanced features and technology only found in professional coffee machines, this affordably priced coffee genius is Bruvi’s inaugural and award winning brewer that delivers a deliciously smooth, aromatic and flavorful cup at the touch of a button.

The Bruvi Barista also takes personalization to a new level with cup size options ranging from 1.5oz Ristretto to 14oz drip coffee. A state of the art touch pad and user interface allows you to effortlessly adjust your coffee strength, temperature and extraction settings to find the perfect flavor and cup profile that is right for you - or just hit the start button for a simple, effortless cup. Bruvi Barista also allows you to enjoy your coffee beverage in multiple formats and styles.  Make drip coffee as well as real espresso beverages such as Americano’s or lungo shots just the way you enjoy them at your favorite local coffee house. Optimum extraction settings allow for iced drinks that do not melt the ice and cold brew settings that provide a slow and acid light extraction for extra smoothness.   

The Bruvi Baristahas convenience features and connectivity options to make it easier and faster to prepare your daily brew. 

  • 3 second heat time
  • large, easy to refill water reservoirs
  • a multi-cup capsule trash dispenser

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