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Velvet’s name speaks to its body and mouthfeel- velvety in texture and very smooth. Our aim with this blend is to create a full-bodied cup with lots of chocolate and caramel sweetness with mild fruit notes in the background..


BrazilColombiaEthiopia Origin Brazil Colombia Ethiopia
CerradoNarinoYirgacheffe Region Cerrado Narino Yirgacheffe
NaturalWashed Process Process Natural Washed Process
1150-2300m Elevation 1150-2300m
Yellow BourbonMixed VarietiesHeirloom Variety Yellow Bourbon Mixed Varieties Heirloom
ChocolateCaramelDried Fruit Notes Chocolate Caramel Dried Fruit
LAMILL Coffee Los Angeles

Pursuing Perfection
in the Art of Roasting

LAMILL Coffee is passionate about sourcing and roasting coffees that are high quality, expertly processed, and sustainably grown, focusing on origins in East Africa and Central & South America. We venture to find coffees with unique flavor profiles and roast each batch with care and intentionality to unlock what makes each coffee special. We are proud to call Los Angeles home, where we constantly pursue perfection in the art of roasting.

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