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Bruvi single-serve coffee brewer and B-Pods

Coffee Genius

Bruvi® changes everything about single-serve coffee

Remarkably Tastier Coffee

Hotter, stronger, smoother brewed coffee with noticeably less bitterness

Eco-friendly B-Pods™

Ingenious Guilt Free Toss™ (or recycle if you prefer)

Ultimate Beverage Variety

Coffee, true espresso and Americanos, cold brew and more

Mobile App (Optional)

Remote brewing, auto reorder pods and personalized dashboard

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The Bruvi® Bundle

$198 $361

The Bruvi® Bundle includes everything you need to make remarkably tastier coffee:

  • Bruvi® BV-01 Coffee Brewer
  • 22 B-Pods™
  • Premium Water Filter
  • Reusable Japanese Knot Bag

Used to separate B-Pods for recycling.
Free with your Bruvi Bundle pre-order.

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No Questions Asked Easy Returns

1 Year Warranty

Exceptional Coffee, Made Easy

Four reasons our coffee tastes better

Bruvi single-serve brewer making Wonderland coffee
man holding cup of Mulholland Roasters coffee
Bruvi B-Pod holding 40% more coffee than a typical capsule
freshly roasted craft coffee used for Bruvi B-Pods

Bruvi® optimizes the craft and science of coffee brewing

In the Press...

"This new eco-friendly single-cup coffee machine may just defeat Keurig."

"Get ready to leave Starbucks behind with the Bruvi coffee genius."

"Bruvi reinvents the single-serve system with patented brewing tech."

"This coffee machine comes with biodegradable single-serve pods so you can ditch your Nespresso and Keurig."

"Coffee aficionados struggle with a balance between smooth flavor, convenience and environmental impact...Enter Bruvi, a startup aimed at solving these dilemmas."

Make Life Tastier

Your favorite coffee house drinks, now in your house. Bruvi® expertly brews 7 different beverages.
Coffee, Americano, espresso, iced coffee, infused coffee, cold brew, matcha latte are all the beverages you can make with a Bruvi single-serve brewer

Super Premium.
Craft Coffee.
Verified Sustainable.

Favorite brands with new roasters
added all the time.

View More Brands

The Bruvi App

The Bruvi® App allows to unlock additional brewer features such as:

  • Remote control the brewer from your phone
  • Schedule brews ahead of time
  • Auto re-order pods
  • Personalized consumption dashboard

Free download. App not required to operate the brewer.

Upgrade your
daily ritual.

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100 day returns.

Bruvi bundle includes Bruvi single-serve brewer, variety pack box of 22 B-Pods, water filter starter kit, and reusable Japanese knot bag all for $198

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