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Bruvi Coffee Brewer surrounded by b-pods

Coffee Genius

Bruvi® changes everything about single-serve coffee

Remarkably Tastier Coffee

Hotter, stronger, smoother brewed coffee with noticeably less bitterness

Guilt Free Toss™ B-Pods®

An ingenious solution for more responsible disposal*

Ultimate Beverage Variety

Coffee, true espresso and Americanos, cold brew and more

Mobile App (Optional)

Remote brewing, auto reorder pods and personalized dashboard

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The Bruvi® Bundle

$298 $398

Remarkably tastier coffee. Makes coffee, espresso, cold brew and more. Breakthrough Guilt Free Toss™ B-Pods. The Bruvi Bundle includes everything you need to brew better.

  • Bruvi® BV-01 Coffee Brewer
  • 20 B-Pods®
  • Premium Water Filter
  • Reusable Japanese Knot Bag
Free Shipping

Free Shipping

No Questions Asked Easy Returns

No Questions Asked Easy Returns

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

B-Pods® work exclusively with the Bruvi® brewer and vice versa.

Exceptional Coffee, Made Easy

Four reasons our coffee tastes better

Bruvi® optimizes the craft and science of coffee brewing

"This clever machine makes amazing fresh coffee, espresso, cold brew and more at the push of a (sleek, touch-screen) button."

“The sleek machine has a touchpad interface that makes it super easy to brew the beverage of your choice.”

"This new eco-friendly single-cup coffee machine may just defeat Keurig."

"Get ready to leave Starbucks behind with the Bruvi coffee genius."

"The machine will do filter coffee, espresso, Americanos, even tea and cold brew (a first from a single-serve capsule system)."

"This coffee machine comes with biodegradable single-serve pods so you can ditch your Nespresso and Keurig."

"Coffee aficionados struggle with a balance between smooth flavor, convenience and environmental impact...Enter Bruvi, a startup aimed at solving these dilemmas."

Make Life Tastier

Your favorite coffee house drinks, now in your house. Bruvi® expertly brews 7 different beverages.
Coffee, Americano, espresso, iced coffee, infused coffee, cold brew, matcha latte are all the beverages you can make with a Bruvi single-serve brewer

Super Premium.
Craft Coffee.
Verified Sustainable.

Favorite brands with new roasters
added all the time.

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The Bruvi Mobile App

The Bruvi App

The Bruvi® App allows to unlock additional brewer features such as:

  • Remote control the brewer from your phone
  • Schedule brews ahead of time
  • Auto re-order pods
  • Personalized consumption dashboard

Free download. App not required to operate the brewer.

Upgrade your
daily ritual.

Free shipping.
100 day returns.

Bruvi bundle includes Bruvi single-serve brewer, variety pack box of 22 B-Pods, water filter starter kit, and reusable Japanese knot bag all for $198

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