Our Story

Life is too short
for bad coffee

In the rush that is life, we far too often accept compromise. Sacrifice enjoyment for speed.

When it comes to coffee, that’s often meant plopping a capsule into a boring appliance and settling for a lukewarm, watery cup of concession.

We believe there’s a better way. We believe coffee is one of life’s great little pleasures. A daily ritual that should be enjoyed at it’s best.

That’s why with Bruvi, we’ve reinvented every aspect of single-serve coffee. You get a fantastic, perfectly brewed cup of coffee with all the convenience of single-serve, plus our Guilt Free Toss® B-Pods. No compromise required.

We’re also more than a company making coffee machines. We’re coffee enthusiasts, creators and appreciators of great design and performance. Just like you, we have big ideas and a sense of purpose to do good.

No one wants to live a lukewarm life. When it comes to coffee, now you don’t have to. Who knows what else that might inspire?

Bruvi co-founders Mel Elias and Sung Oh

The Bruvi® Story

We LOVE great coffee. We’re crazy about it. With 32 years of specialty coffee experience between us, it’s something we think about a lot.

As you might expect, we don’t like compromising on coffee. That’s why we’ve never been happy with single-serve coffee brewers. Why should you settle for mediocre coffee to get the convenience of making a single cup? And why hasn’t anyone figured out how to make capsules more eco-friendly?

So we set out to do better. We set out to reinvent single-serve.

The result is Bruvi - coffee so good - strong, full bodied and smooth - you won’t believe it came from a pod. And B-Pods that can simply tossed in the trash with with our ingenious Guilt Free Toss®. All from a brewer that looks great on your kitchen counter.

Fellow coffee lovers, are you ready to upgrade your daily ritual?

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