Not all coffee pods are created equal

Advanced pod technology make B‑Pods® better

B-Pod outer cover
B-Pod filter
B-Pod coffee grounds
B-Pod lid
B-Pod outer cover overlay
B-Pod Label

Hermetically Sealed

Cap welding process and oxygen free environment allows coffee to be packed within 3 hours from grinding and hermetically sealed to preserve aroma and freshness.

Optical Recognition Lid

Embedded OID code allows the brewer to recognize the individual coffee for Auto Optimized Brewing

20 Stream Saturation™

20 separate streams in the top cap ensure more even saturation of the coffee and better extraction

More Craft Coffee

Packs up to 40% more coffee than a typical pod – for fuller flavor & strength

Double Filters

Proprietary double filter system (no paper filters) allows micro grinds to pass through for full bodied flavor and mouthfeel

Hygienic Brew™

Only Bruvi® brews in the pod, not the brewer, for more hygienic brew and no flavor cross contamination

Plus a more responsible disposal option

The Guilt Free Toss™ The Guilt Free Toss™

The Guilt Free Toss™

Only B-Pods can simply be tossed in the trash after use. They’re uniquely designed to break down much more rapidly and substantially than untreated plastics through an organic process that leaves no microplastics behind.*

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What’s inside is even better.

Only super premium, verified sustainable craft coffee makes it to B-Pods®.

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