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Matcha Latte

Tea | 20 count


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Our matcha latte combines ceremonial grade, stone milled matcha with organic oat mylk from Goodmylk Co.® Sweetened with dates - for a creamy, delicious way to get your daily matcha fix.


Vegan Vegan
Allergen-Free Allergen Free
Ceremonial Grade Quality Ceremonial Grade
Japan Origin Japan
First Flush Harvest First Flush

Love at First Flush

Saka Matcha is ceremonial grade matcha sourced from a third generation, family-owned Japanese company. Shade grown in Shizouka, near Mt. Fuji - the most prized tea growing region - first flush tencha is harvested each Spring. Freshly picked tencha is steamed, dried and then stone milled into vibrant green matcha powder with a distinctive sweet, slightly grassy flavor.

Alt-Milk For Those
Who Demand Better

Goodmylk® Co. is on a mission to “keep it real” with organic, truly nutritional plant mylks made from only the good stuff, and nothing else. Super Oat Mylk contains only five ingredients: certified gluten-free oats, tiger nuts (not a nut, a vegetable!), dates, alkaline water and ancient mineral salt. No binders, fillers, gums or preservatives. Only 100% organic, real food ingredients. Because we all know real, good food when we see it, taste it and most importantly, feel it.

Good Mylk Co

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