How to Show Someone You Love Them (with Coffee)

Justin Goldstein • February 03, 2021 • 3 min read

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Is Your Love Language Coffee?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are all thinking of ways to show that special someone just how much we care. If that person’s primary love language is coffee, here are some ideas to express your love in a way that resonates best with them. 

Coffee in Bed

Nothing says “I love you” quite like waking up to the smell of coffee made by your favorite person. Try buying beans from your local shop or even ordering from a noteworthy out of town roaster. I recommend trying a pour over so they can see and taste all the time and energy you put into making that coffee so special. 

Bonus points if you complement the coffee with a full breakfast in bed experience. Make a classic like eggs and pancakes, or simply buy some freshly baked croissants from your local bakery. Either will delight your partner.

Go on a Coffee Date

This can be as basic or extravagant as you would like to make it. To keep it simple, you can take that person to a unique coffee shop. Read online reviews and try to pick a place with the coffee and vibe you are looking for. It might be nice to venture a little outside your normal area and try a new spot neither of you has been to before.

Next is a coffee picnic. This can be a cute and romantic idea with tons of possibilities. Grab some coffee and take it to the beach or park. Make sure to bring a blanket and maybe even a wicker picnic basket filled with other goodies. This allows you some quality time with your special person while also enjoying something they love. 

Lastly, for an over the top coffee experience, plan to visit coffee shops throughout a fun-filled day. You can even map out a schedule with the shops you’re going to visit paired with other activities in each respective area. If you’re in LA, this could be grabbing espresso in Santa Monica while exploring the pier, drinking a cold brew in Hollywood and hiking Runyon Canyon, or sipping an oat milk latte with A-list celebrities by the beach in Malibu.  

Take a Coffee Class

Knowledge is sexy, and what better gift than to give your time and energy to a loved one learning about their passion, coffee. Classes can be in person or virtual and span all sorts of interesting topics. Personally, I think exploring coffee cupping is a great starting point and an exciting sensory experience for all to enjoy. After you learn the basics, you can even test your skills with some blinded coffee tasting at home.

Virtual Coffee Date

If you’re physically distanced from your Valentine, that doesn’t mean you can’t still treat them to coffee. For those that just want to enjoy a morning coffee date, send them a surprise delivery of their favorite coffee through a food delivery app and schedule a virtual hangout to enjoy your coffees together. While it won’t break the bank, these cherished moments are often the most missed during times when you can’t be next to your partner.

Coffee for Dessert

Does the coffee lover in your life have a sweet tooth as well? If so, you’re in the right place. For those that are excellent bakers or want to do something from scratch, try making a delicious tiramisu with a single origin espresso or some simple chocolate-dipped espresso beans. If baking isn’t your thing, you can always buy delicious vanilla ice cream from the store and pour a hot espresso shot over it for a mouthwatering affogato. You’ll be working your way into their hearts through their stomach with these ideas!

Weekend Coffee Getaway

As far as I’m concerned, weekend getaways are always a good idea. This Valentine’s Day, think about incorporating coffee into your trip itinerary. At this point, most cities and travel destinations will have a specialty coffee scene, each worthy of exploration. Before you pack your bags, discover the coffee culture and plan a few fun coffee activities while you’re there. You might be able to snag a roastery tour or even seats at a latte art class. A few activities or even preplanned coffee shop visits will speak volumes to the coffee lover in your life! 

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