Inside B-Pods: Peru, Cenfrocafe Co-Op

Justin Goldstein • October 20, 2021 • 2 min read

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The Cenfrocafe Co-Op

High in the mountains of the Cajamarca region of Peru lies a string of over 2,000 small coffee producers who together form the Cenfrocafe Co-Op. This Co-Op began in 1999 to support the efforts of these small farmers and promote outstanding coffee growing standards that have ultimately brought prestige and recognition to the entire region.

Cenfrocafe provides resources to all its members to support quality initiatives as well as the economic wellbeing of these rural areas. The co-operative is incentivized to further assist in the development of these communities and has programs such as short-term lending solutions to ensure the coffee growers can continue to cover the rising costs of producing these specialty coffees. In addition to supporting farmers with best practices to deliver top quality and yield, they receive marketing and sales support that helps them secure top dollar for their coffees.

Much of the success of this co-operative is the result of strong organic and sustainable coffee growing practices. The organic composts and fertilizers used by the farmers add an abundance of micronutrients that make for exceptionally healthy coffee trees. In past years, these rigid growing practices have helped these farmers avoid terrible outbreaks of coffee rust that have devastated other parts of Peru.

Cenfrocafe co-operative puts quality first and was among the first in Peru to utilize Q-certified  cuppers. With a continued focus on the artistry of cupping, they consistently produce top-rated lots from the region. It’s no surprise that Cenfrocafe co-op coffees are regularly top contenders at quality competitions across the globe each year.

Peru, Cenfrocafe Co-Op

It’s about more than coffee for this co-op and with the success of its members comes increased access to education, health and social services throughout these communities. Founding member of Cenfrocafe Anselmo Huaman Moreto, said it best “A huge difference in our lives is that now our children can actually go to school, our coffee is being recognized in the market for the quality we produce, we are receiving a fair price for our efforts, and our members can be proud again to be farmers.” Bruvi® is proud to partner with Cenfrocafe co-op, supporting their outstanding coffees and the impact they are having on this wonderful growing community in Peru!

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