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Causu Espresso

Espresso | 20 count


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This blend sourced from Colombia and Sumatra evolves with the seasons to create an espresso that is both balanced and exotic, fruity and spicy. 


ColombiaIndonesia Origin Colombia Indonesia
CaucaSumatra Region Cauca Sumatra
 WashedWet-hulled Process Washed Wet-hulled
1800-2000m1000-1600m Elevation 1800-2000m 1000-1600m
ColombiaCastilloCatimor Variety Colombia Castillo Catimor
OrangeChocolateSpice Notes Orange Chocolate Spice

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Mulholland Roasters is dedicated to sourcing delicious coffees that show off the diversity of coffee production and processing. We find sophisticated and adventurous coffees including artisan crafted micro lots and limited production offerings from all over the world. Then we batch roast them to perfection in Los Angeles. And every coffee is part of the Bruvi STEP Impact Coffee program.

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