Best Ways to Use Your Old Coffee Grounds

Justin Goldstein • August 19, 2020 • 2 min read

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Bruvi® Is All About Sustainable Coffee Practices! Read On For Tips On How To Use Old Coffee Grounds.

Here at Bruvi, sustainability is a founding principle of everything we do. From how we source our coffee to the technology in our Bruvi brewer and B-Pods® -  we believe that great coffee, convenience, and environmental responsibility need to be mutually exclusive. In the vein of sustainability, we are always trying to find new ways to minimize our impact on our world. The core ingredient that fuels Bruvi is also one that can do much more than just make a great cup of coffee, it’s time we think twice before throwing our used coffee grounds in the trash!

Here’s 7 Ways to Use Your Old Coffee Grounds

  1. Fertilizer – coffee grounds are rich with nutrients and high in acidity. Simply place your old coffee grounds in the garden and watch those roses bloom. Bonus, worms are also attracted to coffee grounds, making that home garden of yours even better. It’s time to get that green thumb!
  2. DIY Body Scrubs – The texture of used coffee grounds makes for a perfect natural exfoliant. A basic internet search will yield countless recipes to choose from. Most require just one or two additional ingredients that you probably have lying around your house, like coconut oil and brown sugar.
  3. Pest and Insect Repellent – If you want to keep ants or snails at bay, take those used coffee grounds and sprinkle them in the problem areas and watch those problems disappear.
  4. Odor Eliminator – Nitrogen-rich coffee grounds naturally aid in odor elimination. Place your used coffee grounds in the refrigerator, and next time you open the door, those “interesting” smells will be a thing of the past. Also, you can rub some on your hands to handle stinky garlic or fish smells.
  5. Pots and Pans Cleaner – The coarse texture of used coffee is perfect for helping aid in the cleaning of dirty kitchen utensils and pans. With the addition of the gritty coffee grounds, cleaning is a breeze and you’ll be able to save some of that elbow grease for later!
  6. Fireplace Cleaner - A warm wood-burning fireplace is a recipe for a perfect winter night, but we all dread the cleanup. If you take your old wet coffee grounds and toss them in the fireplace, it will help weigh down all that ash and make cleaning your fireplace a breeze.
  7. Natural Dye – If you’re really on your DIY game, you can use your coffee grounds as a natural dye. Simply mix with water, and you have a great dye for cotton, linen and paper that gives items a nice vintage look. Some people even use it to darken their hair or to touch up scratched wood furniture!

We are just barely scratching the surface for sustainable coffee practices and things you can do with those old coffee grounds. If you take one thing from this list that keeps you from immediately discarding the coffee in your B-Pods®, then we did our job. If you find a cool, innovative use for your old coffee, drop us a line so we can hear all about it and share it with others!