Black (Coffee) Friday: Skip the Cream and Sugar

Vanessa Feiwell • November 17, 2020 • 3 min read

Black (Coffee) Friday: Skip the Cream and Sugar

Bruvi® Approves Black Coffee.

No post turkey day deals here, rather an opportunity to address a serious topic, how you take your coffee. It’s time we talk about the elephant in the room, those of you who immediately put cream and sugar in your coffee before it even touches your lips. We are all creatures of habit and have been scarred by past experiences with crummy coffee, but I urge you to start giving your coffee a fair chance. If you drink great coffee that is roasted and brewed to perfection, you might notice that you can, in fact, start enjoying your coffee in its purest form.

Why Drink Coffee Black?

  1. Flavor Exploration

As a coffee lover, I think this is by far the best argument for switching to black coffee. I ask for one thing, next time you take a sip of your coffee, try it before you alter it in any way. When you don’t mask the exciting flavors of your coffee with cream and sugar, you get to experience all that the origin has to offer. Every coffee has a unique flavor profile from fruity to floral or even chocolatey worth experiencing. After you give it a try, if you still want to add your cream and sugar, more power to you.

  1. Healthier Option

This should come as no surprise, but coffee sans cream and sugar is simply a healthier option. Black coffee is practically calorie and carb-free. When you need the caffeine pick me up but not necessarily the sugar rush, dairy or calories, black coffee is your bestie.

  1. Hotter Coffee

For those of you liking your coffee piping hot, adding cold dairy can take the temperature down several degrees. No need to worry about a lukewarm coffee when you’re drinking it straight.

What is the Best Coffee to Drink Black?

There is no objective answer here, it’s completely based on your personal preference. To find the type of coffee that will be most approachable to you, here are some things to consider.

  1. Roast

A coffee’s roast has a profound impact on what you taste. If you want something that tastes brighter and more acidic, try a lighter roast. If you prefer something stronger or even smoky, go towards a darker roast. Remember, as the coffee roast  develops, it loses the origin flavors and takes on more of the flavor of the roast itself. I recommend starting with a medium roast and working your way in one direction or another based on what your taste buds are telling you.

  1. Origin

The origin of your coffee is largely responsible for what flavors you taste. When drinking black coffee, this is a great time to find the origins that appeal most to you. If you like fruity coffees, you might want to try some African origins, while if you prefer more traditional coffee notes, try Central or South American. Make sure to also look at how your coffee was processed too. Washed process will allow you to taste more of the coffee bean while dry or natural process will take on more of the flavor of the outside coffee fruit. Generally, washed process coffees will be a more approachable starting point.

  1. Brew Method

Not all brewed coffee methods are treated equal. When experimenting with black coffees, it is also a great time to find your brew method of choice. A traditional drip brewer will deliver a different taste than an immersion method like the French press. When you become a coffee pro, you might find that your preferred brew method will change based on the coffee you’re drinking.

How to Start Drinking Your Coffee Black

If you can go cold turkey and plunge right into the deep end of black coffee, that is great, but I also recognize that it is not realistic for most. I recommend starting with small adjustments. Try giving your coffee a few sips black before adding the cream and sugar, or simply add less cream and sugar until you acquire a taste for it completely black. Lastly, to make your black coffee even more approachable, make sure you’re drinking it out of the right mug.

How Does Bruvi Make Black Coffee More Approachable?

For those of you looking to make the switch to black coffee, it’s important that your coffee is brewed properly. This is where Bruvi comes in. With a large selection of B-Pods® filled with outstanding specialty coffees from all over the world, you get a coffee shop quality drink in the convenience of your own home. With the touch of a button, you know your coffee is being brewed to perfection every time. Leave the brewing to us and start exploring coffee the way it is meant to taste. Maybe you are a black coffee drinker after all!



Black (Coffee) Friday: Skip the Cream and Sugar




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