What Your Coffee Roast Says About You

Justin Goldstein • May 30, 2020 • 2 min read

Coffee Bean Roast Levels

Bruvi® Wants to Help You Find Your Favorite Coffee Roast

A coffee’s roast shapes much of what you taste in your cup, and it’s important to understand when picking the coffee that’s right for you. Are you struggling to find the roast you’re looking for or uncertain about when to choose light, medium or dark? That’s what I’m here for! I’m not going to tell you what you should drink or prefer, but I do think your coffee roast can say a lot about you or how you’re feeling at that moment.

Light Roast: I Like Adventure in My Life

skydiving in coffee

Light roasts are roasted for the least amount of time. Since they are pulled from the drum right after the first crack occurs, they have a light brown color and no surface oils. Given the fact that caffeine and acidity decrease as a roast progresses, a light roast will top the leader board for both caffeine and acidity.

When it comes to flavor, origin notes are front and center. Since the roast is shortened, you taste very little of the roast process itself. Light roasts are a preference for many high-quality single-origin coffees where the roaster wants those unique origin notes to shine through. With these coffees, you will be left with a lighter bodied, higher acidity coffee (think citrus notes) that is likely to showcase sophisticated flavors that would likely shock the palate of a dark roast drinker.

Medium Roast: I Strive for Balance

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A medium roast encompasses any coffee that is pulled after the first crack (medium light) to during the second crack (medium dark). Roasts on the light side of the medium-range have no surface oils, however, if you push the roast to the fringe of the dark range, you may start to see some oils present themselves. Since the roast time is longer than a light roast, these coffees have more time to develop, creating a bit more body and less acidity.

From a flavor perspective, medium roasts have a nice balance of flavors, making this a favorite for many Americans. These roasts highlight some origin flavors but are accompanied by a fuller body and a depth of flavor and sweetness from the roast itself. This is a safe bet coffee, interesting enough, but not too crazy.

Dark Roast: I’m Bold but Traditional

 man drinking coffee

Dark roasts are a deep brown, almost black color and have noticeable surface oils on them. Since these beans have spent quite some time in the roaster, they have the least caffeine and the lowest acidity of any roast type.

If you like dark roasts, you really enjoy the flavors of the roast process itself. The high roast temperature causes the beans to caramelize and develop a subsequent sweetness and smokiness. Many note the full body, rich flavor and mouthfeel of this coffee. With this bold taste and even a bitterness in many cases, dark roasts are often used for espresso since they have the innate ability to cut through milk. These roasts are a favorite among many European countries like Italy where coffee and espresso have been a cultural staples for ages.

So…it’s time to pick your roast!

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