How to Properly Drink Your Bruvi® Espresso

Justin Goldstein • July 09, 2020 • 2 min read

How to Properly Drink Your Bruvi® Espresso

Learn To Drink Your Bruvi Espresso to Maximize its Taste to the Fullest

So you’ve fallen in love with espresso… welcome to the club! While you recognize the magic of this highly concentrated and versatile coffee drink, the real question is, are you drinking your espresso in a way that maximizes its deliciousness?

Here are 6 simple steps to properly enjoy espresso in its purest form!


  1. Select: select your espresso B-Pod®, load it into your Bruvi brewer and place your favorite espresso cup in the tray.
  2. Brew: push the espresso button and select your size preference. A single shot will give you a stronger, sweeter flavor while a double or triple shot will give you more clarity into the flavor nuances of that specific coffee.
  3. Cleanse: while your espresso is brewing, drink some water, preferably sparkling, to cleanse your palate before you embark on this exciting espresso journey.
  4. Skim: once your espresso finishes brewing, some recommend skimming off the top layer of crema. While beautiful and the mark of a great shot, the crema houses a lot of the bitter and less than favorable attributes of the espresso so some ditch it. Totally up to you.
  5. Stir: Whether you decide to skim off the crema or not, you should stir your espresso shot with a small spoon to balance the shot before drinking. There are different levels of viscosity and flavor throughout the shot and it’s important to mix those together to get the best that shot has to offer.
  6. Drink: Have a sip, let the espresso cover your tongue and take in all those yummy flavors. This is a drink that should be consumed quickly in just a few sips rather than across a long period of time. When executed perfectly, espresso should be strong but well balanced with discernible taste and mouthfeel that are unique to each coffee and brewing ratio. 


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