“Why is the Americano Button On?” and Other Common Questions

Mackenzie Cantor • June 26, 2023 • 3 min read

“Why is the Americano Button On?” and Other Common Questions


We’ve rounded up some of the most common questions from customers about the features and functions of using Bruvi. These may help you to also be sure you’re getting the most out of your Bruvi. Brew up a cup and read on. You’ll also find more information at the Bruvi Help Center. 

Q: Why are the Americano and 1oz light on?

A: That’s your Bruvi telling you it’s time to descale.

When it’s time to descale, Bruvi will notify you by blinking the Americano and 1oz buttons. It’s easy to do and takes about 10 minutes. Read how here or watch this video.

The descaling process removes calcium and mineral deposits that may build up inside the brewer and affect both how it works and the taste of your coffee.  

If you want to override the descaling process, read here.


Q: What does the low acid button do?

A: If you are sensitive to acidic foods and beverages, this is for you.

Pressing the low acid button will reduce the acidity in the coffee during brewing, resulting in a smoother taste. The 15 bar high pressure pump helps brew coffee at a lower temperature.  You might also select darker roast coffees which typically have lower acidity than lighter roasts.


Q: Why does the liquid change from coffee to hot water in the brewing process?

A: Bruvi uses a water bypass system.

The water bypass switch is part of our smart brewing process. It allows the Bruvi brewer to extract the best tasting aspects of the coffee, and avoid extracting the bitter flavors. 


Q: What's the difference between how Bruvi brews iced coffee and cold brew?

A: It’s all about temperature and the water bypass system.

Iced coffee is brewed like regular coffee. That means using hot water for the brewing phase to extract all the delicious sweetness and brightness, and then switching to cooler water during the water bypass phase. That helps reduce dilution when you add ice to the brewed beverage. For cold brewing, Bruvi uses lukewarm water during the brewing phase over a longer duration to extract the smoother flavor of cold brew. Cool water is also used during the water bypass phase, which again helps minimize dilution if you add ice.


Q: Are coffee and espresso B-Pods interchangeable? 

A: No, you’ll want to be sure to select the pod for the type of beverage you want to make.

Coffee pods can be used to brew coffee, cold brew and iced coffee. Espresso pods can be used for espresso, Americanos, iced espresso and iced Americanos. The Bruvi brewer will scan each B-Pod, identify it and display the available brewing options for that pod.


Q: Are Bruvi coffee pods eco friendly?  

A: Yes, only Bruvi offers Guilt Free Toss® B-Pods.

Bruvi B-Pods are the only coffee pods designed to be tossed in the trash. That’s because B-Pods® are made for disposal in a landfill. They are uniquely designed to substantially break down significantly more rapidly than untreated plastics, through an organic process that leaves no micro plastics behind. In applicable landfills, B-Pods can also play a role in Landfill Gas to Energy projects, creating renewable energy and bringing enhanced end-of-life value. 

Since more than 90% of plastic waste currently ends up in landfills, we focused on creating a realistic and practical solution. You can find more information about both the Guilt Free Toss. You can learn more here. 


Find more information about Bruvi brewing technology here.

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