Bypass Brewing with Bruvi

Justin Goldstein • November 08, 2022 • 2 min read

Bypass Brewing with Bruvi

Making an objectively delicious cup of single-serve coffee is our north star here at Bruvi. While differentiators like our ability to pack up to 40% more coffee in our B-pods solves a fundamental issue plaguing the other guys, we couldn’t stop there to deliver on our lofty goal. Another way that we ensure an ideal cup every time is by utilizing water bypass brewing on our machines. What is bypass brewing you may ask? Well, we are here to explain just that!

What is Bypass Brewing?

Quite simply, bypass brewing is the process of diverting some water from going through your coffee grounds and instead going straight into your coffee cup during the brewing process. This is distinctly different than a standard brew process where all water goes through the coffee grounds and into your cup.

Reasons to Use Bypass Brewing?

Bypass brewing can be the solution to several brewing challenges. In many instances, like with Bruvi, it is used to ensure only the most beautiful flavors from the front end of the brewing process are extracted. Since compounds in coffee dissolve at different rates, the last are the plant fibers and carbohydrates which contain the least desirable flavor attributes. Bypassing the grounds and going straight into the coffee cup with the last bit of water minimizes those bitter notes and the over extraction that comes at the end of a long brew. 

Not only can bypass brewing be a solution to enhance the flavor notes in your cup but it can also help expedite the brewing process. By bypassing the grounds on the last stage of brewing you also shorten the entire brew time. With Bruvi, this means you’re getting your coffee even quicker!

Lastly, bypass brewing is a great way to alter temperature. For example, you can run hot water through coffee grinds for optimal extraction and bypass cool or room temperature water into your cup to create delicious iced coffee or cold brew. This process ensures a tasty drink with unprecedented convenience when making these iced coffee beverages with Bruvi.

How to Bypass with Bruvi?

Good news, the machine does it all for you! With Bruvi, the water bypass ratio is automatically calibrated to the recipe you select. If you are brewing a coffee pod and selected a larger cup size, you will notice a longer water bypass while on the flip side, smaller selections will have a rather short bypass. The recipes are adjusted in real-time based on your selections to ensure the perfect cup every time. Hope this new found knowledge brings a smile to your face the next time you see that water bypass in action

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