5 Reasons to Love Cold Brew

Justin Goldstein • September 08, 2022 • 3 min read

5 Reasons to Love Cold Brew

In the past decade, Cold Brew has rapidly grown in popularity and has officially cemented its place as a beverage of choice for many specialty coffee enthusiasts. In honor of this unique and delicious brew method and beverage, we have decided to highlight the top 5 reasons why we (and you) should love Cold Brew.

1. Taste of Cold Brew Coffee

cold brew

Cold brew just hits different. Don’t let looks deceive you, Cold Brew is not your average iced coffee. This simple and slow brew method produces a flavor-packed coffee that is naturally sweeter and less bitter than a traditionally brewed coffee. Without flavor overshadowed by bitterness and less desirable attributes, you are also able to taste unique flavor notes from even some of the most basic commodity coffees.

2. Cold Brew is Forgiving

Another reason to love Cold Brew is because it is one of the most forgiving brewed coffee methods. Have some older coffee beans you are trying to ditch? Use them for Cold Brew and they will still taste great. Can’t seem to get the strength of your coffee right? Brew a Cold Brew concentrate and add water until it’s just right for you, Goldilocks. Not sure when you’re going to be home? Let Cold Brew sit a few extra hours and it will still be awesome. Cold Brew is a little less rigid than other brew methods and for that reason it earns a gold star in my book!

3. Cold Brew is Easy to Brew at Home

Unlike other brew methods, you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and countless hours to brew Cold Brew like a champ. You can make it simply with coffee, a container and some sort of filter. Toss ground coffee in the container with cold water and let it sit for somewhere between 12 and 24 hours and you’re good to go. It’s as easy as it gets.

4. Cold Brew is Versatile

Cold Brew is also super versatile and can take many different delicious forms. If you want a simple, delightful low-calorie drink, take it straight. If you want to get a little fancy with it, mix in your favorite milk or alternative milk of choice and make a yummy Cold Brew Latte. For those wanting a little something bubbly, consider trying a Cold Brew Tonic or a Cold Brew Soda – see basic recipes below. Lastly, for adults wanting a little night cap, there are so many fun ways to make an alcoholic Cold Brew beverage for you and your friends.

Cold Brew Tonic: 1:1-2 ratio of Cold Brew to Tonic, serve iced

Cold Brew Soda: Cold Brew mixed with soda water to taste, served iced. Optional – add sugar or honey if you like it sweet.

5. Cold Brew is Easier on the Stomach

Aside from just being plain delicious, the cold brewing method also produces lower acidity levels that make it easier on the stomach. If you struggle with acidity in other coffee beverages, you are not alone, and Cold Brew might be that magical coffee drink that will be perfect for you!

Does Cold Brew sound great but you don’t have the patience to wait 12-24 hours for your coffee? Good news for you, Bruvi can make a perfect Cold Brew coffee at the touch of a button in a matter of minutes, not hours!

 cold brew coffee brewer

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