5 Ways Bruvi Can Help You Save Water

Justin Goldstein • November 08, 2022 • 2 min read

5 Ways Bruvi Can Help You Save Water

As we continue our mission to upgrade people’s expectations for single-serve coffee, we wanted to take an opportunity to talk about a largely overlooked but hugely important topic, water consumption. As a Los Angeles based company, we are far too familiar with droughts and the impact of water shortages within our own community. With that, we have found a whole new level of awareness to our own water consumption and ways in which we can do better, one of which is with Bruvi! Here are 5 of the top reasons why Bruvi will actually help you conserve water.

1. Right Amount of Water

Brewing Coffee

With single-serve coffee, you brew only what you will drink. For those pot coffee connoisseurs, it’s very common that a large part of that morning pot ultimately gets dumped down the kitchen sink. With Bruvi, you will brew the exact amount of coffee you want and therefore no water is wasted by discarding excess coffee.

2. Right Amount of Coffee

The process to grow coffee, just like any crop, uses lots of water. When brewing pot coffee and making more than you can drink, you are not only wasting water but coffee too. Aside from the cost associated with wasted coffee, especially if you’re brewing expensive specialty coffee, you have to think about the water used to make those wasted grounds too. By using the right amount of coffee grounds for the coffee you will actually drink, you help save water across the board.    

3. Drink Less Coffee

One of the biggest qualms we hear about the old school single-serve coffee companies is that the coffee tastes weak or watered down. For those searching for single-serve convenience they have historically had to  sacrifice taste and strength, and commonly forced to drink more coffee throughout the day to meet their caffeine needs. With Bruvi, and pods that have up to 40% more coffee than the other guys, you won’t have to drink as much coffee to get the needed caffeine boost. Sometimes less is more! 

4. Water Wise Clean Up

Most brewing techniques require substantial cleanup, but not with Bruvi! Unlike cleaning out that coffee pot or French Press in the kitchen sink daily, there is no such cleanup with Bruvi. Not only do you avoid  the headache and mess of cleaning, but you also get to minimize that unnecessary water usage at the same time. Win win.

5. Thoughtful Growing Techniques


When selecting partners, our green coffee buyers select specialty coffee producers with sustainable and ethical growing practices. As we know coffee production is largely dependent on water, we seek out partners that share our vision of environmental sustainability as well. In such, we have prioritized partnerships with coffee growers who are doing things the right way, ensuring they are creating viable growing practices that will support these biodiverse communities for future generations. These practices take a more thoughtful approach to water usage and seek out ways to reduce their impact.   

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