Inside the Pod: Guatemala Coffee Kids Huehuetenango

Justin Goldstein • October 20, 2021 • 2 min read

Coffee beans inside of a bowl

What's In Our Bruvi® B-Pods®?

Wonderland Dancing Spoon B-Pods

Dancing Spoon, one of our most popular Bruvi B-Pods, features an outstanding coffee from Guatemala that has an even better story behind it. Central American coffees are crowd-pleasers, which is why we especially like them in our blends. With our Guatemalan Huehuetenango, we selected a specialty coffee that also helps empower the future of the coffee growing community.

What Makes Huehuetenango Special?

The region of Huehuetenango consistently delivers some of the highest quality and most prized coffee in the country. Situated in the highlands of northern Guatemala with especially rich soil, these high-altitude coffees are known to produce sweet chocolate flavors along with pleasant acidity and fruity notes. Located near the border of Mexico, Huehue is very remote, so remote in fact that before flights to the city, it could take a half day of dangerous mountain driving just to reach it.

Just like any great growing region, the climate must be just right to produce amazing gourmet coffees, and Huehue is no exception. With warm winds coming from Mexico and high elevation, the micro-climate here is the right formula for coffee excellence, and with continued investment, this once isolated region is now getting the spotlight it deserves on the global stage.

Bruvi Supports the Coffee Kids Mission

Coffee Kids Program

Coffee Kids is a program developed with the specific goal of supporting organizations investing in the next generation of farmers. The high level of poverty and low economic status among many small family farms has pushed younger generations to pursue other seemingly more lucrative opportunities outside of coffee farming. Coffee Kids aims to change that by providing an economically viable path for those with a true passion and drive to produce amazing coffees.  

Coffee Kids educates and supports the coffee growing tradition and is elevating the prestige of the region. This program helps promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the future generations and in turn, is securing a brighter future for their families and the coffee industry as a whole. Through a mixture of training, mentorship and financial backing, these young farmers are getting the support they need to be successful now and in the future. By encouraging and supporting these young farmers, they will be well positioned to attack any challenges that might arise in the coffee industry and continually advance the quality of the region’s coffee exports.

Bruvi Focuses on the Future of Coffee

At Bruvi, we are not only transforming the single-serve coffee game but trying to advance the entire coffee industry while we are at it. We are doing our part to support environmentally friendly coffee initiatives but also those that provide economic opportunities for growing communities. It’s no longer enough to source great coffee, it’s important that we put our money where our mouth is. By partnering with future-facing programs like Coffee Kids, we are excited to see the continued growth in both the quality of coffee and life coming from this beautiful region!