2021: Best Holiday Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Justin Goldstein • November 10, 2021 • 3 min read

2021: Best Holiday Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Bruvi’s Annual Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

The holiday season is right around the corner and this year you are going to get a jump start on gift buying, right? I say this to myself every year but still somehow always manage to be out shopping for last-minute gifts. In a true effort to make this year different, we are releasing our annual coffee lovers gift guide early so you can start checking people off your list now. Here’s some gift ideas for all those coffee fanatics in your life.

Pre-order The Bruvi® Bundle

I would be remiss not to start this year’s list off with the best gift this holiday season, the single-serve brewer of the future, Bruvi (yes, I might be slightly biased).

The moment has arrived and pre-orders are now open. If you are fortunate enough to snag one of these Bruvi® Bundles for 45% off, only $198, you will get your hands on not only our versatile BV-01 Coffee Brewer but also 22 of our most popular B-Pods® filled with sustainably sourced craft coffee blends and single origin offerings from around the world. In addition to the brewer and coffee, you will also receive our premium water filter to ensure the water in your coffee is on point and a rad reusable Japanese knot bag because well, why not. By pre-ordering your brewer, you will guarantee that the coffee lover in your life will be brewing tastier coffee in a more eco-friendly manner than anyone else on the block.

Gift Sustainable Coffee That Does Better

While the gift of coffee is always a good idea, this year I urge you to search for sustainable coffee that aims to do better. A quick online search will connect you with specialty coffee roasters across the US and even the world but take some time to be a little more selective when buying the right bag for the coffee lover in your life.

Whether it’s finding a coffee with a charitable component or one that is directly supporting sustainable growing practices, there are plenty of coffees that do more than just roast awesome coffee. Also, this could be a good time to seek out and support minority-owned coffee roasteries such as those with black, Asian and women ownership. I urge everyone to consider using your pocketbooks to support minority-owned businesses this holiday season.

Lastly, take a deeper look at the coffee packaging itself. There are now many roasters using alternative packaging such as plant-based coffee bags with a greater focus on recyclable materials to minimize the environmental footprint. Again, the world of specialty coffee is becoming so large now that competition and pressure have led to many wonderful advancements in the world of sustainability that we should all support!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Bruvi is working to do better, visit our Brewed For Good page!

Coffee Subscriptions, The Gift That Keeps Giving

These days, most prominent coffee roasters sell coffee subscriptions which can be an easy gift idea. I personally like the subscription companies that feature different roasters from across the nation where each delivery is a total surprise, both roaster and varietal. Many of these companies will allow you to purchase a subscription as a gift and there are usually incentives offered on the first purchase. Pro-tip, if the recipient lives close by, you can even mooch off some of their great coffee deliveries and suggest they host you for some fun coffee cuppings!

Retro Coffee Gear 

Old is in and this year is a great opportunity to gift some old school coffee gear. A great example of a brewing device that is experiencing a revival is the Moka pot which used to be a staple in kitchens before falling out of style for decades. Now, this stovetop coffee maker is becoming cool again and many coffee enthusiasts are having fun experimenting with this brew method.

In addition, a nice French press is a good fallback gift as this immersion brewing method is simple yet can produce some of the most delicious coffee. For what it’s worth, a bag of coffee fits well inside a French press too so it will look great in a coffee-themed gift basket.

Need more? Check out our 2020 Coffee Gift Guide for some other awesome gift ideas!

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