9 Reasons Why Dogs and Coffee Are Basically the Same Thing

Justin Goldstein • August 11, 2021 • 2 min read

Dog Wanting Coffee

1. They Pick You Up When You’re Feeling Down

Dog Mom

Whether it’s cuddles from your pup or a delicious cold brew in your hand, dogs and coffee both make any day better. Try frowning when you’re getting puppy kisses or sipping your morning coffee, it’s impossible…

2. Preference is Subjective

There isn’t one coffee that’s objectively superior to another and there certainly isn’t one dog that’s better than the rest. With that said, my dog is the best, but hey, maybe we’re all just a little biased!

3. Coffee & Dogs: Both Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Small or large, coffee and dogs come in all shapes and sizes. From Great Danes and triple shot lattes to cortados and Teacup Yorkies. Size doesn’t matter, it’s what is inside that counts.

4. They Can Be A Little Tricky in The Early Days

Coffee requires a little extra patience after being roasted as it goes through the degassing process before it can be enjoyed. Dogs are no different and you have to deal with a short period of craziness, teething and accidents before you get to enjoy the best days of companionship.

5. You Can Enjoy A Single Origin or A Blend

Purebreds are like single origin coffees, often demanding top dollar with certain expected traits and prestige. Mutts are like blends, a little mix of this and that that can end up being really something special.

6. There’s Something for Everyone

Whether it’s finding your perfect specialty coffee drink or ideal furry companion, there is something out there for everyone. If you are unsure what you want or need, try them all out! Fostering might be a great way to find the right pup for you!

7. Big Things Can Come in Small Packages

Just like espresso, some of your smaller breeds can pack a big punch. Sometimes a big goofy Saint Bernard is no match for a little feisty Chihuahua. Don’t let the size fool you!

8. Sometimes One Just Isn’t Enough

With coffee, you might start with one but ultimately realize you need more. Dogs are no different and I share the same philosophy for both, the more the merrier!

9. At the End of The Day, One Thing is Certain, Our Lives Are Simply Better with Both!