Pause the Coffee Talk! Pet Appreciation Post

Justin Goldstein • June 02, 2021 • 3 min read

Pause the Coffee Talk! Pet Appreciate Post

We Love Our Pets at Bruvi!

It seems to be an unwritten rule here at Bruvi® but you must love coffee…and animals! In honor of pet appreciation week, we wanted to share a few of our furry coworkers (and their unique stories) that make building a revolutionary single-serve coffee company that much sweeter!


Varietal: German Pinscher, Stella (Human: Diane)

Origin Story: I adopted Stella from a local rescue when she was 15 months old. She had already been in four homes, including twice with the rescue. I brought her home for a trial weekend, then took her back to the rescue for a few days while I arranged for dog walkers and other details. When I brought her back home, she immediately ran upstairs and found the treat she had ‘buried’ on her first visit. I guess she had decided to adopt me too! She’s now 13 years young and continues to work her considerable charms on me and everyone she meets. I couldn’t love her more!

Tasting Notes: Smart, Sassy, Loving, Funny, Irresistible 


Varietal: Siberian Husky, Rooney (Humans: Mel & Sarah)

Origin Story: Sarah’s roommate’s dog is Rooney’s mother. When she gave birth, she had 2 puppies that were already spoken for. Four hours later, unexpectedly there was one more miracle dog, Rooney. Nine weeks later she officially came home to her furever home and has been a consistent source of happiness ever since. Fun facts, Rooney is a Bruvi celebrity, featured in all team photos and despite being a female was named after the United soccer legend! 

Tasting Notes: Obedient, Smart, Playful, Social, Food-obsessed


Varietal: French Bulldog, Ollie (Human: Justin)

Origin Story: We quickly jumped at the opportunity to foster a special needs dog that was abandoned at the shelter and picked up by a local rescue. Fast forward a few months later and we became the ultimate foster fail as neither he nor we could fathom the idea of separating. In a short period of time, Ollie has blossomed from a scared hot mess to a perfect handsome gentleman and we couldn't imagine our lives without him!

Tasting Notes: Cuddly, Snory, Wrinkly, Slobbery, Lovable


Varietal: English Bulldog, Darla (Human: Justin)

Origin Story: Darla entered our lives around Christmas time in 2014. She was a 3-month old bag of wrinkles but had the sweetest disposition. Darla was born deaf and while it took some getting used to, she has learned sign language which is how we communicate with her. Now, years later and 70lbs of pure thickness, Darla is such a happy camper and brings joy to everyone she meets. The vet says she should lose a few pounds, but we think she is perfect just the way she is!

Tasting Notes: Chunky, Sleepy, Quirky, Stubborn, Sweet


Varietal: King Charles Spaniel, Wrigley (Human: Vanessa)

Origin Story: We got Wrigley for my Mom a few years ago. He can be distant at first but once he gets to know you, he is the BEST. He loves playing with rocks, long walks on the beach, and of course, sleeping. 

Tasting Notes: Grumpy, Loving, Snory, Loyal


Varietal: Miniature Schnauzer, Keely (Human: Vanessa)

Origin Story: My twin brother and I got Keely as our 5th grade graduation present. Since then, she has been the love of our lives. The sweetest and most loyal dog we could ever ask for.

Tasting Notes: Small, Soft, Cuddly, Loving

Varietal: Black Domestic Short Hair, Alley (Human: Chris)

Origin Story: On Father’s Day 2019, Alley chose me as her dad by falling asleep on my foot at the Kitty Bungalow rescue shelter in Los Angeles. Although no longer a kitten, she still begs me to play with her whenever she isn’t sleeping.

Tasting Notes: Talkative, Provocative, Playful, Gentle, Friendly 


Varietal: Shih Tzu, Buddy/Budward (Human: Mackenzie)

Origin Story: Buddy became our buddy when I was in 8th grade! He was born across the country and flew home to us in Arizona and hasn’t left our side since!

Tasting Notes: Cuddly, Goofy, Chunky, and Loving

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