Father’s Day Coffee Gift Ideas: 2021

Justin Goldstein • June 14, 2021 • 3 min read

Father’s Day Coffee Gift Ideas: 2021

Are You Currently on the Hunt For The Right Gift For a Father In Your Life?

Nothing says Happy Father’s Day quite like the gift of coffee. From coffee beans to gear, here’s a list of a few things to consider as you hunt for that perfect coffee gift.

New Coffee Mug for Dad

Father’s Day Coffee Gift Ideas: 2021

The perfect coffee vessel is more important to the overall sensory experience than you might think. With more people drinking coffee at home than before, this is the perfect time for a cup upgrade. Contrary to popular belief, this is far from an impersonal gift and, with the right amount of thought, can be very meaningful.

Things to consider when picking a coffee cup for him is: lifestyle, drink preference, interests, and even social impact. For example, if he is adventurous or on-the-go, think about an insulated metal coffee cup that is extremely durable and will keep his coffee hot throughout the day. On the other hand, if he is very eco-minded, you might want to be sure to buy a cup from a company with a give back component or that uses recycled materials. You’d be surprised at the options out there; chances are, if you can dream it, it exists.

Learn more about picking the right coffee mug.

Gift Him Local Coffee

Father’s Day is an excellent time to give the gift of a unique specialty coffee from a local roaster that can really use your support. If you will be shipping the gift to him, try ordering from a coffee shop that is in their area to benefit their respective coffee community and minimize the carbon footprint associated with shipping.

Depending on his level of coffee sophistication, a single origin offering, exquisite Geisha or a coffee that has undergone a unique process can all be great gifts.

The Right Tools to Get the Job Done

Even for a man with seemingly every piece of coffee gear out there, I promise you, there is always a newer or better coffee gadget that would make a great gift. First, think about different brewing methods such as pour over, French press and espresso. If he doesn’t have the tools to do any of those among others, that is a great starting point. Also, try to tailor your gift to his coffee preference. For example, if you have a diehard espresso fanatic, think about getting him a new tamper, distribution tool or grinder. If you have a latte lover, consider getting him a new milk frothing pitcher. The options here are endless and can satisfy all budgets from low to high.

Teach Him Something New

Father’s Day Coffee Gift Ideas: 2021

If you think he might be interested in sharpening his coffee skills, Father’s Day is an excellent time for him to learn something new. With so many coffee classes to choose from, consider giving the gift of knowledge. From cupping to latte art, beginner to advanced, there is a course for everything and everyone. Also, there is a ton of amazing coffee literature out there so if a class isn’t in the cards, a simple coffee book can always do the trick.

Coffee Roasting

If he can raise children, he can learn how to roast coffee. For even novice coffee drinkers, a simple home roaster will allow them to learn the basics of roasting their own coffee. For those that haven’t done it before, there is nothing as satisfying as brewing a cup of coffee that you roasted yourself!

At-Home Brewer

The ultimate Father’s Day gift for any coffee lover is one that checks all the boxes from new innovative technology to brewing flexibility and social impact. Bruvi® single-serve coffee brewers are that perfect gift. While we are not shipping just yet, you can sign up for updates so that when they do, your beloved coffee guy will be the first to have the coolest coffee brewer on the block!

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