B-Pods: Turning the Pod Game on Its Side

Justin Goldstein • November 08, 2022 • 2 min read

B-Pods: Turning the Pod Game on Its Side

Bruvi® is not your grandmother’s single serve coffee brewer. From aesthetics to brewing technology, everything you see plays a crucial role in producing tastier coffee and a superior overall brewing experience. As part of this quest to produce delicious single serve coffee, we had to scrap everything we previously knew about single-serve brewers and pods. For the sake of some focus and brevity for this post, let’s take a more in-depth about specifically why B-Pods® are better than the rest!

B-Pods®: What’s Different?

Pod Comparison

There’s lots to love about B-Pods. Here are 3 of my favorites!

  1. More (and better) Coffee – Our pods are engineered to contain up to 40% more coffee than the other guys which allows us to brew delicious coffee according to gold cup standards. Also, we use only super premium, verified sustainable, specialty coffee in our B-Pods®, including a curated selection from our favorite coffee companies.
  1. Advanced Pod Technology – We use double filters inside our pods which allow micro grinds to pass through for a full-bodied flavor and mouthfeel. Also, no chemicals here, all pods are hermetically sealed without the use of any glues.
  1. Guilt Free Toss® - We created pods that are designed to degrade in traditional landfills in a matter of years, not decades or centuries – without leaving microplastics behind. An ingenious solution for more responsible disposal!

Okay, But Why Do B-Pods Brew on Their Side?

Pod Insert

You’ll notice another distinct difference in our pods right as you are about to brew. Instead of dropping your pod in vertically like with other brewers, B-Pods must be placed into the machine horizontally, with the top facing you. As you might have guessed by now, this is also by design.

Since all brewing takes place in the pod and not the brewer (a massive benefit for sanitation and flavor integrity!), the pod must be horizontal to ensure that brewed coffee, with the help of gravity, drops directly from the pod into your cup. Another small difference that makes a big impact!

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