Coffee Isn’t the Only Thing Brewing in Your Single-Serve Coffee Brewer

Justin Goldstein • July 09, 2020 • 2 min read

Coffee Isn’t the Only Thing Brewing in Your Single-Serve Coffee Maker

It Is Time To Clean Your Coffee Brewer...

If you’re currently drinking coffee from the other single-serve coffee brewer guys, fair warning, you might want to set that cup down before reading this. In recent years we have all become a heck of a lot more aware of nasty germs that surface throughout our daily lives. If you’re like me, you’ve probably started using copious amounts of hand soap and disinfectant and now see your social interactions through a whole different lens. What if I told you there is another place that you’ve probably overlooked that is a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and other less than desirable house guests – your traditional single-serve coffee brewer.

What’s Really Growing Inside Your Single-Serve Coffee Brewer?

Coffee Isn’t the Only Thing Brewing in Your Single-Serve Coffee Maker
If you’re unclear as to how much coffee is built up in your brewer, I urge you to run a brew cycle in your single-serve coffee brewer without a pod and see how the water looks in the mug. If that water is clear and looks like something you would drink, you’re better off than most. However, if it looks murky and brown, you need to clean that brewer immediately and might want to consider a safer alternative that eliminates this issue.

How Does Bruvi® Mitigate Bacterial Concerns?

I’ll start by saying, all single-serve coffee brewers should be regularly cleaned. This directive is in all manuals, and if followed properly, will mitigate a lot of potential risks. With that said, we recognize that people buy single-serve coffee brewers for their convenience, and if daily cleaning is required to make for a safe cup, that is asking a lot. At Bruvi, we saw there was a serious flaw with brewed coffee touching the brewer at any point. With our patented technology, all brewing takes place in the coffee pod, not the brewer, and goes straight into your cup – no contact whatsoever. By removing this unwanted contact during the brewing process, we have created a much safer brewing environment, as well as, a cup of coffee that doesn’t have any flavor contamination from old coffee residue or other types of beverage pods. With Bruvi’s ingenuity, and some simple routine cleaning, you are getting a cleaner cup of coffee. Bye bye germs!

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