Behind the Name: Bruvi

Justin Goldstein • September 08, 2022 • 2 min read

Behind the Name: Bruvi


Quickly after Bruvi co-founders Mel and Sung first had the idea to revolutionize the single-serve coffee world, they set out on a quest to make this dream a reality. As they and the team jumped into the deep end of developing a more versatile, environmentally friendly, connected brewer that simply made tastier coffee, they were also tasked with selecting a name to suit. Just like every aspect of the business, selecting the name was not taken lightly. Lots of options were considered, until we landed on what we think is the perfect name, Bruvi.

How We Decided on The Bruvi Name

Bruvi logo

The name Bruvi is a combination of words that express several fundamental traits of the brand itself. Starting with “brew” which denotes both the process of preparing a beverage and the individual beverage itself. The word brew, while traditionally linked to a drink like coffee, also encapsulates a wider variety of offerings like tea and infusions which can also be made using our brewing system. A play on the word “brew” quickly transitioned into “bruv” which is informal British slang for mate or friend – the idea that your coffee brewer does more than just make your morning cup of joe and is there for you like an old pal.

Lastly the “i”, which was the final step in perfecting the name. The “i” denotes two things. First, the amazing technology and connectedness of our modern brewer and second, the individuality of a system that allows its users the opportunity to personalize each drink preparation to their unique needs. There you have it, Bruvi!

How We Decided On The Bruvi Logo

drip tray

Simplicity is in our DNA at Bruvi. Not only from our clean coffee brewer design and user experience but also in our logo itself. The circular logomark design mirrors the shape of our B-Pods, which marks the first step in your unique coffee experience. Inside the circle lies a simple drop, an ode to American drip coffee and the amazing drink selection at your fingertips. You will find this logo on our coffee brewer and our signature drop is also engraved into the drip tray on our BV-01 brewer.

Most people will just know the name and that Bruvi makes exceptional coffee, but now you also know the full story and how much thought and planning is behind the brand name and logo design. 

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