Bruvi Welcomes Equator Coffees

Mackenzie Cantor • December 18, 2023 • 2 min read

Bruvi Welcomes Equator Coffees

Bruvi Welcomes Equator Coffees

Bruvi is excited to welcome Equator Coffees to the Bruvi single-serve platform. Equator is an exceptional company, known for their commitment to quality, sustainability and social responsibility. This female founded business was the first certified B Corp coffee roaster in California and is known for their philosophy that “coffee can be roasted better, brewed better, and, most importantly, it can be sourced in a way that makes people’s lives better.”  
Now Bruvi customers can enjoy Equator Coffees namesake blend as part of the Bruvi coffee offering. 

Introducing Equator Blend Coffee…Available as a Bruvi B-Pod


Equator Blend is custom crafted by their expert roasters to create a smooth and complex blend - dark and robust enough to stand up to the addition of milk, yet sweet enough to drink black. Equator loves it so much that they feature it on batch brew at all of their cafes. It’s already a favorite of the Bruvi team and we know our customers will feel the same.

Roast: Medium- Dark

Origin: Sumatra, Kenya, Colombia

Flavor Notes: Cedar, Apricot, Nutmeg

Equator Blend B-Pods are available in a 20 pack carton, exclusively on

Another Important Milestone

Equator Coffees is the third roaster partner to join Bruvi. Having specialty coffee brands join the platform is an important endorsement of our system. Our teams worked together to develop a brewing recipe for the Bruvi brewer that showcased Equator Blend as their roasters intend. Here’s how Ted Stachura, Director of Coffee at Equator put it: 

“When we first tasted coffee brewed on the ultra-convenient single-serve Bruvi brewer, we were impressed with its ease of use, flexible brew settings and flavor of the finished coffee. The care the team at Bruvi took to develop a technology that brews high quality coffee shows in every detail, down to the use of an organic process that allows the pods to break down in landfills.”

A reminder that Bruvi B-Pods address the issue of pod disposal with a practical and responsible solution. Designed to be simply thrown in the trash, only Bruvi Guilt Free Toss® pods are infused with a bio-enzyme that allows them to break down more quickly in a landfill environment without leaving microplastics behind.

We hope you’ll try Equator Blend B-Pods with your next order at Add them to your Auto Delivery subscription to save 20% on every order.

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