Ethiopia: Perfection in a Cup

Justin Goldstein • March 09, 2022 • 2 min read

Ethiopian Coffee Landscape

What Do You Know About Ethiopian Coffee?

Just saying the word Ethiopia will likely put a smile on any coffee lover’s face. Not only is Ethiopia the birthplace of Arabica coffee, which accounts for the vast majority of specialty coffee, but it also has a reputation for producing some of the best coffees in the world.

Ethiopia’s Magic Sauce: Climate

Ethiopia Landscape

Ethiopia has a long tradition of producing outstanding coffees and much of that is the result of what some might classify as an ideal climate. Not only do the coffee trees grow wild across the country but the mountains in the south have lush green vegetation and nutrient-rich soils that produce amazing results without chemical additives or limitations on which varietals they can grow. In fact, Ethiopia has more unique coffee varietals than anywhere else in the world, thousands of unique coffees are grown here, pretty amazing!

How Does Coffee from Ethiopia Taste?

If you are a fan of exciting fruit flavors, coffees from Ethiopia are for you. These are not your classic diner coffees and certainly can have some funky personality traits stemming from their unique growing environments. Expect bright acidity and a lighter body than traditional South American coffees. Unlike other regions, Ethiopia produces both natural and wash processed coffees, however the tradition of natural processing is more prevalent and further intensifies the exotic fruit flavors in your cup.

Brewing Ethiopian Coffee

While there is no right or wrong way to brew coffee, I tend to prefer Pour Over or French Press for Ethiopian coffees. Because these coffees will likely have lighter roast profiles to accentuate the exciting flavors of the coffee, these brew methods highlight what the coffee has to offer. Ethiopian coffees can be delicious as espresso too but oftentimes are blended with other origins for more balance out of the shot. 

Where in Ethiopia is Coffee Grown?

Ethiopian Coffee Making

The majority of coffees from Ethiopia come from the southwest, specifically, what is called the Sidamo region. This growing region encompasses other micro-regions within it. One, in particular, Yigracheffe, has such a strong reputation for producing outstanding coffees that it overshadows the broader region it’s housed in. Yigracheffe coffees, like the one found in our Ethiopia B-Pods®, consistently rank among the most exceptional in the world. Unlike the rest of Ethiopian coffees, this micro-region heavily favors wash processed coffees that still deliver a uniquely complex cup with floral notes and a flavor rollercoaster ride from start to finish. 

Whether it’s coffee from Yigracheffe or any other growing region in Ethiopia, the expansive array of Ethiopian Heirloom varietals that naturally descend from Typica and Bourbon coffee plants produce coffees that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else. There are so many reasons why we love our Ethiopian coffee at Bruvi®.

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