Pairing Coffee With Your Favorite Show

Vanessa Feiwell • January 11, 2022 • 3 min read

Netflix and coffee

Keep Reading to Find Out Which Coffee You Should Drink With Your Favorite TV Show

Most of us have favorite ways to drink our coffee and our favorite TV shows, which makes it really fun to think about what coffee drinks the characters on those would (or should) choose.

Stranger Things - Mocha

Stranger Things and Mocha

Stranger Things is a science fiction drama about a group of young friends that are forced to confront government secrets and supernatural forces in an attempt to save their friends and the world. Since fighting sinister monsters keeps them up all night, we think a mocha would be the perfect kid-friendly coffee drink for the crew. The combination of both caffeine and chocolate deliciousness will certainly help them fight off the evil demogorgons.

Bridgerton - Long Black


Bridgerton and Long Black

Bridgerton is about siblings of a prestigious family that attempt to find love in the Regency era in England. In this period drama, tea is the beverage of choice however, if espresso had been an option, I am confident their preference would be for a long black. A long black is similar to an Americano, except it is made by pouring a double shot of espresso over hot water. That keeps all  the delicious crema on top and enhances the sensory experience. A long black is bold, strong, and straightforward - just like how the women in the show dream of their men.

You - HANAH Coffee Boost Infused Coffee


You and Hanah Coffee Boost

You is a series about a male lead, Joe Goldberg, who is obsessed with love, but it comes at a cost. He murders anyone that gets in the way of him finding love. A strong coffee drink could prevent Joe from remaining cool, calm and collected. Giving him a cup of coffee infused with HANAH Coffee Boost could do the trick. Coffee Boost contains brain boosting nootropics, including ashwagandha, bacopa monnieri and mucuna pruriens. Just a scoop of this will help improve his focus, diminish the spike and crash of coffee, and even soothe his nervous system. 

9 Perfect Strangers - Chaga Mushroom Coffee

9 Perfect Strangers Chaga Mushroom Coffee

Based on a New York Times bestseller, this TV series is about a health and wellness resort that promotes healing transformations, even those done in the most radical of ways. Throughout the show, the characters have to drink a variety of beverages that are used to enhance their mind and alter the way they think. For any health conscious coffee drinker, Chaga Mushroom Coffee is a perfect choice. Chaga Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, which may help boost immune systems, fight inflammation, and lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

Dexter New Blood – Pour Over


Dexter and Pour Over Coffee

Dexter New Blood is a continuation of the flagship Showtime series, Dexter. It is a crime drama about a blood splatter expert who solves murders by day and commits them by night. Dexter justifies his behavior by only killing the guilty. With his deliberate adherence to his code and process with his victims, this antihero is a perfect match with a pour over which also requires specific equipment, measurement and precision to get a ‘killer’ cup of coffee.

Succession - Irish Coffee

Succession and Irish coffee

Succession is a suspenseful show about a family that runs an international media conglomerate. There is no shortage of backstabbing or distrust in the family and business. Irish coffee is a perfect fit for this family because it is caffeinated, yet alcoholic which can take the edge off of their tightly wound personalities. With a recipe  of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped with whipped cream, it captures how this family lures people with sweet overtures that hide the inevitable potent punch.

Ozark - Iced Latte

Ozark and Iced Latte

Ozark is an action packed TV drama about a financial planner, Marty, who relocates his family from big city Chicago to the remote Ozarks after some bad dealings with a powerful drug cartel. To save himself and his family, he is forced to launder money in this unfamiliar and unwelcoming environment. Since every moment is seemingly filled with tension, drama, and difficulty, an iced latte would be a great drink. A refreshing iced coffee drink that will help cool down any heated moments while still providing enough caffeine to help Marty make the right decisions when everything is on the line. 

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