Getting the Most Out of Your Bruvi Brewer

Vanessa Feiwell • March 28, 2022 • 3 min read

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Good Maintenance Will Help Keep Your Bruvi in Tip Top Shape 

Keeping up care of your coffee brewer is great to ensure that you will not only get remarkably tastier coffee, but also prolong the longevity of your brewer. 

Caring for your Bruvi is quite simple. One reason for that is our proprietary Hygienic Brew™. Unlike other brewers where coffee moves through the internal components, Bruvi exclusively brews in the coffee pod and goes straight to your cup. That means no mold or bacteria growing inside the coffee brewer and no flavor cross-contamination between pods.  Plus, after each brew, Bruvi flushes the needle to keep it clean as well. So all you have to do is a simple general routine cleaning of the external components plus a periodic descaling cycle. 

Keep reading to learn more about how you can take care of your Bruvi brewer. 

General Bruvi Coffee Brewer Cleaning

Bruvi brewer with espresso cup

We suggest a general cleaning once a week or more often if needed.

This includes the:

  • Drip tray
  • Pod waste bin 
  • Touch screen
  • Water tank
  • Power cord
  • The brewer

Start by unplugging the brewer to prevent the possibility of any electrocution or other mishaps while completing your cleaning.

Remove all of the brewer components including the drip tray and cover, pod waste bin, water tank and cover. These components are not dishwasher safe and should be simply washed using a soft cloth, warm water and mild dishwashing soap. Also, do not submerge any part of the brewer in water. Don’t dry the inside of the water tank to avoid leaving behind any lint. The body of the brewer, touch screen and power cord can be wiped with a clean soft cloth. If needed, you can use an alcohol-based wipe for the touch screen.

When and How to Descale the Bruvi BV-01 Brewer

Besides routine cleaning, it is important to descale your Bruvi brewer every 2-3 months. 

The descaling process is important because it removes calcium and mineral deposits that may build up inside the brewer and affect both how the brewer works as well as the taste of your coffee.

The Bruvi brewer will alert you when descaling is needed. After the brewer has pumped 65 liters of water through the heating system (about 220 B-Pods®), the descaling notice will display by blinking the Americano and 1oz buttons. At this point, the descaling process should be followed.

The descaling process takes about 10 minutes. If you don't have time to proceed with descaling when you first see the notice, you can temporarily override it and continue brewing. To override the descaling notice, press the Start/Stop icon and then use a B-Pod to make coffee as usual. The brewer will keep displaying the descaling notification and allow the override until 70 liters  (or another 5 liters, or about 20 B-Pods) has been brewed. At that point, the descaling process must be performed. The brewer will no longer operate until the process is completed.

Bruvi Coffee Brewer Descaling Setup

  • Mix descaling solution with one liter of room temperature filtered water and pour into the water tank to maximum fill line.
  • Replace the water tank on the brewer. Be sure there is no B-Pod in the brew chamber and lower the handle.
  • Place an empty 12oz or larger cup on the drip tray.

Descaling Phase

  1. Press Americano icon and then the 1oz icon together until they each turn green. Press the Start button.
  2. The brewer will dispense 10-12oz of liquid. When it stops, empty the cup and place it back on the drip tray.
  3. Press the blinking 12oz button to dispense the next 12oz of descaling solution.

This cycle will repeat 6 times!

  • Stop when 3 progress bars ((( are solid green and the Americano + 1oz buttons blink repeatedly.
  • Rinse out the water tank, and refill with clean filtered water. Place an empty 12oz mug on the drip tray.

Rinsing Phase

  • Repeat Steps 1-3 from the descaling phase above.

When complete, all of the progress bars will display in green. The touch screen will return to standby mode and be ready for use. 

Now you’re ready to drink delicious coffee from your sparkly clean and happy little brewer!

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