Why Pre-Infusion Makes For A Tastier Cup

Justin Goldstein • May 30, 2020 • 2 min read

Bruvi BV-01 Brewer

The Importance of Pre-Infusion

Have you ever brewed coffee, went to toss the wet grounds, and noticed that some areas seem to be soaked while others practically dry? Whether you have or haven’t, it’s always in your best interest, if you like to drink tasty coffee, to have all your coffee grounds brewed evenly. Coffee extraction is an incredibly important variable that coffee geeks like us are always trying to get right. Pre-infusion, a word that regularly makes its way into coffee conversations, aims to solve this issue of inconsistent extraction. While it may sound like a fancy feature or marketing ploy, in actuality, it’s really quite simple. Here’s what you should know about pre-infusion and why it creates a better cup.

Pre-infusion 101

Pre-infusion is the process of lightly soaking coffee grounds for a short period of time before applying the desired brew pressure. This is a feature often found in expensive espresso machines to create a more uniform extraction. Pre-soaking the coffee grounds helps avoid channeling – that’s when water chooses the path of least resistance, avoiding nearby coffee grounds for areas that are less dense and easier to flow through. Ultimately, channeling results in areas of under and over extraction and an espresso shot that has less than ideal flavor attributes. The same is true for brewed coffee. Always remember, pre-infusion is your friend.

Pre-Infusion in a $198 Single-Serve Brewer?

Some say we’re crazy, and we wouldn’t necessarily say you’re wrong. But we are really just crazy about great coffee. When developing Bruvi®, we spared no expense in bringing features that are usually reserved for high-end prosumer or commercial machines to your kitchen countertop for a fraction of the cost. Pre-infusion is one of those features that is so impactful to the overall coffee experience that we couldn’t possibly create a world class single-serve brewer without it. With the help of this snazzy feature, our coffee and espresso grounds are evenly extracted, making for a very tasty cup that we know you’ll love. One small step for single-serve, one giant step for your morning coffee.

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