Brewing Hacks: Elevate Your Bruvi Experience with Expert Tips and Tricks

Bruvi • January 09, 2024 • 3 min read

Brewing Hacks: Elevate Your Bruvi Experience with Expert Tips and Tricks

Unlock The Full Potential of Your Bruvi Brewer

Welcome to Bruvi—where remarkably tastier specialty coffee meets the convenience of single-serve in a counter worthy brewer. Plus, with Guilt Free Toss® B-Pods®,  you’re making a conscious choice for both your palate and the planet.

Our commitment to coffee excellence starts with our breakthrough brewing system and innovative Bruvi B-Pods®. With Auto Optimized brewing, Bruvi scans the unique code on each pod adjusts the brew parameters to the specific recipe of that coffee. So, with one touch, you can brew a deliciously brewed cup. But we don’t stop there. Bruvi offers a variety of ways to customize your cup.

Let our brewing hacks be your compass to unlocking the full potential of your Bruvi brewer. From simple maintenance tips to experimentation with brew settings, beverage types and different roasts, discover how to maximize the enjoyment of every cup.   

Regular Brewer Maintenance: Keep It Pristine

First things first, ensure your Bruvi brewer consistently delivers the best tasting coffee by keeping it clean. We recommend a weekly handwashing of the waste bin and drip tray, as well as the water tank. Don’t forget to wipe down the external surface of your brewer to keep it looking its best. Regularly descale the machine to prevent mineral buildup (your brewer will notify you when it’s time to descale when the Americano and 1 oz icons blink). A well-maintained brewer is a happy brewer!

Some Like it Hot: Every Degree Matters

Did you know that Bruvi brewers feature an on-demand, energy-efficient heating system with precision temperature control? That means that Bruvi heats in five seconds and enables repeat brewing without waiting, along with rapid adjustment for cold brew. There’s also a high altitude setting for elevated perfection. And of course, with the hot water button, you’ve got instant hot water. Here’s a favorite trick: heat your cup with a few ounces of hot water before brewing. A warmer cup with keep your coffee hot longer. And of course, if you prefer a hotter brew, use the Hotter button on your Bruvi to increase a few degrees.

Brew Setting Exploration: Customize Your Cup

Beyond the Hotter option, dive into the other brew settings of your Bruvi touchscreen. Adjusting the brew strength or cup size can dramatically influence the flavor profile. Play with these settings to craft the perfect cup tailored to your preferences. Or try the low acid button if you’re sensitive to the acidity in coffee.  

Iced Coffee Brilliance: Brew Over Ice

Love iced coffee? Brew your favorite Bruvi coffee over ice for a refreshing and bold experience. Adjusting the brew strength for iced coffee can prevent dilution and ensure a robust flavor, even as the ice melts. Or try an iced espresso or Americano for another taste experience. You can drink it black or add a splash of milk for a delicious cool treat. Another brewing tip for safety: never brew over ice in a glass cup. Instead, use a ceramic or other material cup or brew into a glass cup but add the ice after brewing.

Mix It Up: Try Different Varieties and Roast Levels

Some coffee lovers want the comfort of a favorite coffee every day. Others like to change things up. With Bruvi variety is part of the fun. Plus, a great way to get the most of Bruvi’s advanced brewing technology, is to experiment with different beverages and different B-Pod varieties.  Maybe you’ve found a favorite medium roast coffee? Next time, try brewing it as cold brew. Or on your next purchase, try a light-medium or medium-dark roast. Want to experiment but need a little help? The Bruvi Coffee Taste Map shows you how coffee flavor profiles based on origin and roast level. It’s a great way to either better understand the flavors you’re already drawn to or to guide you to discover new favorites. And because Bruvi continues to add new brands to our craft roaster line up, there’s always something great to try.

Froth It Up: Mastering Milk Frothing

Elevate your coffee experience by mastering the art of milk frothing. Experiment with different milk types and temperatures to achieve the perfect froth for your lattes and cappuccinos.

Spice it Up: Add A Little Extra Flavoring

For a quick and simple way to add extra flavor to your daily coffee routine, try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon or vanilla powder, or your favorite flavored coffee syrup. Even if you’re rushing to get ready for work in the morning, sometimes you just want a little extra something!

Explore these brewing hacks to transform your Bruvi experience into a personalized journey of flavor discovery. With a bit of experimentation, you can discover new ways to optimize your coffee experience.

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