10 Reasons to Build Your Home Coffee Bar With A Single-Serve Coffee Brewer

Bruvi • January 12, 2024 • 3 min read

10 Reasons to Build Your Home Coffee Bar With A Single-Serve Coffee Brewer

10 Reasons to Build Your Home Coffee Bar With A Single-Serve Brewer.

There are many reasons that home coffee bars have become so popular. For starters, it’s a lot more efficient to have all your coffee supplies in one place - especially if you’re blurry-eyed in the morning or rushing to get your day started. 

With more of us working from home, making our kitchens more functional and beautiful has become a priority. Instagram, Pinterest and every home design publisher is showcasing gorgeous kitchens with showstopping coffee bars...who can resist creating their own little corner of coffee bliss?

Whether your goal for a home coffee bar is organization, saving time or design glory, a single-serve coffee brewer is a smart and convenient way to go. The Bruvi single-serve coffee system takes those advantages to the next level. Let us count the ways.

Why Bruvi Deserves The Starring Role in Your Home Coffee Bar.

Form, function and everything in between. With Bruvi you get lots of bragging rights..

1. Counter Worthy Design

Bruvi doesn’t look like your father’s single-serve brewer. It's modern with a sleek, easy to use touchscreen. With two chic color options - the original “cream and sugar” color with bamboo texture accents or a black version with stainless finishes - you can match Bruvi to your decor vibe. 

2. Saves Space
Very few of us have excess space in our kitchens, so a coffee bar with multiple types of coffee makers and kettles, just isn’t realistic. With a Bruvi brewer, you only need about a square foot of counter space. 

3. Saves Time
Since streamlining your coffee routine is one of the major benefits of a coffee bar, what’s better than coffee that brews in about a minute? Plus, only Bruvi offers on-demand smart heating: it heats up in only 5 seconds and only brews the amount of water needed for each cup. Pretty smart, huh?

4. Every Cup is Fresh
No more feeling like you have to finish off that pot of coffee that’s been sitting for a while. With Bruvi, you brew one cup at a time, so every cup is fresh, hot and delicious. 

5. Every Cup is Delicious

Finally, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee from a single-serve brewer. Bruvi is packed with
breakthrough brewing technology. Bruvi B-Pod technology is also unique and every pod is filled with super premium craft coffee. Bottom line, with Bruvi, there’s no more compromising taste for the convenience of single-serve.

6. Less Mess, Less Waste, Less Clean Up
Using coffee pods means no measuring of coffee, no waste or mess on the counter. And less clean up. That all adds up to a cleaner and easier to maintain coffee bar. And of course, reducing waste is eco-smart too.

7. A Cleaner Brew
Bruvi Hygienic Brew means that coffee goes straight to your mug without touching the inside of the brewer. No mold or bacteria build up in your coffee maker, and no flavor cross contamination between brews. Unlike other single-serve brewers, no daily rinsing is needed either.   

8. Beverage Variety

Bruvi is like a little countertop barista. It expertly brews seven different beverages, from brewed coffee to espresso, Americanos, even cold brew coffee and iced coffee. With personalization options like different cup sizes, Hotter, Stronger and Low Acid buttons, you can customize to your exact taste.

9. Coffee Variety
It’s easy to display a wide assortment of your favorite Bruvi B-Pods - coffee, espresso, different roast levels, decaf. Extra dark French Roast to kick off your morning? Check. Decaf espresso or cold brew in the afternoon? Check. Or maybe you need the extra kick of a high caffeine coffee? Check.

10. Coffee Pod Convenience Without The Guilt
Recycling coffee pods is old news. It's a hassle, and more importantly, not very effective. With Bruvi Guilt Free Toss® B-Pods, you simply toss used pods in the trash. They’re uniquely designed for landfills, where they degrade more rapidly, without leaving microplastics behind.

Now that you’ve decided to build your coffee bar around your Bruvi brewer, read our guide for creating a home coffee bar. Happy Brewing!

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