Yes, You Need a Coffee Bar. Here’s Ideas on How to Set it Up.

Bruvi • January 12, 2024 • 5 min read

Yes, You Need a Coffee Bar. Here’s Ideas on How to Set it Up.

Yes, You Do Need A Coffee Bar. Here’s Ideas on How to Set It Up.

From the simplest countertop set up to a stunningly designed space in a custom kitchen, coffee bars are having a moment. For coffee lovers and design aficionados, coffee bars can be a beautiful focal point in your kitchen. For organization gurus, it’s a smart way to get more function out of your space and streamline your morning routine. When entertaining, a coffee bar simplifies hosting as guests can help themselves to the craft coffee, espresso, cold brew coffee or tea of their choice.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve collected our favorite ideas for setting up a coffee bar that works best for you. 

First, Pick A Location.

  • Kitchen. This is the most obvious place for a coffee bar, especially since kitchens have access to electricity and water. You can designate a section of your countertop or separate table. If you’re designing or renovating your kitchen, you may be able to plan a truly dedicated and optimized space. 
  • Dining or Living Room. If you spend a lot of time in the living room or frequently entertain, you might consider a coffee bar set up in either the dining room or living room. It’s easy access for you and your guests. A bar cart or side table works well. If you have a hutch or cabinet with drawers or cabinet doors, you can keep some supplies hidden yet accessible, and display your coffee or espresso maker and more stylish supplies.
  • Home Office. So many of us work from home these days and a conveniently located coffee bar in your home office is a great way to take your coffee breaks without trekking to the kitchen.

        Away from home idea:

        • Dorm Room. A compact coffee bar set up in a dorm room gives students a cozy space and saves on costly trips to the campus coffee house. This is a great gift for the students in your life.

        Limited Space? Get Creative.

        If you have the luxury of available counter space or cabinets, great. But if space is at a premium, here’s some ideas.

        • Set up a free standing cart or small table. You can find attractive yet inexpensive rolling carts with shelves, or repurpose a bar cart or side table.
        • Go vertical - use wall space or shelving above your counter or table. Or use a countertop shelf or risers to create more space. Our Director of Design at Bruvi uses an acrylic computer riser to create space to store Bruvi B-Pods in a rack under the riser, with other supplies above it. 

          Setting Up Your Coffee Bar. Here’s What You’ll Need.

          • Coffee brewer and equipment. You may have a beautiful espresso machine or a great collection of coffee making equipment and the space to show it off. But for most of us, space will always be a factor. That’s one reason that Bruvi single-serve brewers are perfect for coffee bars. With just one coffee brewer in a small footprint,  you can make coffee, espresso, Americanos, cold brew and more. There’s even a hot water button. And with a stunning design you’ll be proud to show off, Bruvi makes a great centerpiece for any coffee station.
          • Coffee and other supplies. You’ll want to include an assortment of your favorite coffee - again, Bruvi B-Pods makes that easy - as well as tea if that’s part of your routine. A large glass bowl or hurricane filled with colorful coffee pods makes a great display. Here’s other supplies to gather:
            • Milk, creamer and sugar. If you don’t have access to refrigeration, you might want to add a couple insulated pitchers that you can fill with your favorite milk.
            • Sugar, sweetener and coffee syrups. Here’s another opportunity to have a little fun by including a couple flavored syrups or other interesting sweeteners. If that’s not part of your daily routine, you might still want to consider them when entertaining. 
            • Mugs, cups (and glasses for cold brew if that’s your thing)
            • Spoons or stirrers
            • Napkins
            • Any favorite extras. For example, you might want to include small canister with biscotti or your favorite cookie, if you like to nibble while enjoying your coffee.

          Minimize Clutter, Maximize Style.

          We like a setup that is organized and avoids clutter. You can decide what you want to be the focal point, such as your brewer or mugs, but overall, think about what works best for your decor style. Less is more, so don’t feel you have to include items you won’t really use. Stick to the essentials if you’re short on space.

          • For a cohesive look, leave the assortment of one-off coffee mugs elsewhere, and instead display a coordinated set of beautiful mugs. 
          • Glass or acrylic canisters don’t take up any visual space and work with any decor style. Neutral ceramic canisters keep things calm. Woven baskets add texture.
          • Decant flavored syrup or liquid sugar into pretty glass bottles with dispensers.
          • If you have a favorite small bowl or ceramic creamer, you might want to use it to store sugar cubes or hold spoons. 
          • A small tray or a lazy susan made of wood or marble helps corral supplies and adds a touch of style. 
          • If you have drawer or cabinet space, store the less attractive (or extra) supplies out of sight but close at hand.
          • When entertaining, don’t forget to provide a discreet way for guests to dispose of used sugar packets or used spoons. A ceramic canister or utensil jar that you can easily empty and wash is a good option.

          Little (Affordable) Treasures.

          You don’t have to break the bank to make your coffee bar attractive. Your local home goods store is a great place to find affordable kitchen organization and serving pieces. Or wait for a sale on those pretty canisters you’ve had your eyes on for a while. If you check your own cabinets, you might find a favorite piece or two that can be used, adding a bit of your own personal style. A few years ago I found a cute little mid century Scandi ceramic pitcher at an antique store. It’s been collecting dust in a cabinet but I recently added it to my counter set up to hold coffee spoons. Seeing it every morning brings a smile. 

          Finishing Touches. Add Some Seasonal Style.

          Swap out your usual mugs for seasonal or themed mugs during the holidays or other occasions. Or bring out the pumpkin spice or peppermint coffee syrup for the fall and winter holidays to enjoy the flavors of the season. If you drink more iced coffee or cold brew in the warmer months, add glassware to your coffee bar.

          Space permitting, a vase with fresh flowers or small plant adds a touch of color and texture to your set up. While we’re fans of simple greenery like eucalyptus or a small succulent year round, spring flowers or winter greenery is another way to freshen things up for the season. 

          However you create your coffee bar, here’s to a beautiful set up that makes your daily coffee routine even more enjoyable.

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