5 Kitchen Decluttering Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Justin Goldstein • December 06, 2021 • 2 min read

5 Kitchen Decluttering Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Do You Need Space On Your Countertop?

Over the years, my collection of coffee items has seemingly grown to touch every corner of the kitchen. I fought it off for long enough and it was finally time to declutter. While daunting at first, the result of my most recent clean makes my morning at home coffee routine better than ever before. Here are some tips for others trying to do the same.  

1. Get Rid of Unused Appliances

This is true with any items in your kitchen but especially coffee gear. If you no longer use a specific brewing method, it might be time to ditch all that excess equipment. When you upgrade to a new coffee grinder, no need to let that old one gather dust in the closet, consider selling or donating it. My rule of thumb is, if I haven’t used it this year, I will likely never use it. Let someone else enjoy it and free up the space

2. Find Products with Multiple Use

With a small kitchen, I am forced to use every inch of counter space wisely. Any opportunities to find items that can punch above their weight is a good idea. With several brew coffee methods including espresso, brewed coffee and cold brew, Bruvi® is an all-in-one coffee brewer that can do the work of many coffee gadgets all in a sleek and compact brewer that happens to look great on your countertop.

3. Ditch the Old Coffee Beans

As a coffee fanatic, it’s not uncommon for coffee bags to start piling up but if they are past the point of freshness, it’s time to let go. There is nothing to be gained from lining your pantry with bags of stale beans. Don’t just toss the old coffee in the trash though, there are plenty of creative things you can do with your old coffee grounds!

4. Say Goodbye to Some Mugs

There’s really no need to hoard mugs! If you have more mugs than you could ever use in a month or in a lifetime for that matter, it might be time to slim down the collection. Of course, keep those with sentimental value or that feel just right in your hand. After discarding the rejects, you might be able to add a few new ones to the collection. When you get to that point, we’ve compiled tips on how to pick the perfect coffee mug.

5. Reorganize

This might go without saying but organization is the key to the perfect at home coffee routine. It’s time to reorganize your coffee items and prioritize access to those you use most. Make sure all the items you need to make your morning cup of joe are right at your fingertips and you aren’t fumbling around the kitchen just to get your caffeine rush. If you have a real obsession, consider dedicating an entire shelf to organize all your coffee items in one place - from beans to cupping  spoons to cleaning tools and everything in between!

Get cleaning folks!


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