This Is Your SIGN to Switch Up Your 2022 Coffee Game

Vanessa Feiwell • December 30, 2021 • 4 min read

This Is Your SIGN to Switch Up Your 2022 Coffee Game

What Coffee Beverage You Should Drink According to Your Astrological Sign

If you are feeling over the same coffee you have every day, Bruvi suggests shaking it up a little bit for 2022. So why not use your astrological sign to help you pick out your new favorite beverage?

    Aries - Black Coffee

    Aries sign and coffee
    Dates: March 21- April 19 
    Element: Fire
    Planet: Mars (Planet of Action)
    Traits: Ambitious, Passionate, Confident
    • Aries are known to get right down to business and be ready to seize the day. That makes Aries a textbook match for black coffee- no fussing around and straight to business. A true purists drink!

    Taurus - Lavender Latte 


    Taurus sign and lavender latte
    Dates: April 20- May 20 
    Element: Earth
    Planet: Venus (Planet of Love)
    Traits: Dependable, Determined, Stubborn
    • The Taurus sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. They love pleasure and material items, so nothing would make them happier than a warm (or iced) lavender latte. A delicate and delicious combination that will give them something else to fall in love with.  

    Gemini - Flat White 

    Gemini sign and flat white
    Dates: May 21- June 21 
    Element: Air
    Planet: Mercury (Planet of Communication)
    Traits: Adaptable, Intelligent, Analytical
    • Symbolized by celestial twins, Geminis are great communicators and are also known to have differing personality traits. For example, one side can be outgoing while the other is reserved. Because of this, their most compatible coffee beverage is a flat white. Just like a Gemini, this drink is separated into two equal yet completely different parts – coffee and foam.

    Cancer - Cold Brew 

    cancer sign and cold brew
    Dates: June 22- July 22 
    Element: Water
    Planet: Moon (Ruled by Emotions)
    Traits: Intuitive, Loyal, Sensitive
    • Cancers are known to be ruled by their emotions and gut feelings. Just like their element of water, they are flowing with personality and love to share their opinions. A natural match for cold brew, a smooth and refreshing iced coffee drink for taking on any day.

    Leo - Dirty Chai 

    Leo sign and dirty chai
    Dates: July 23- August 22 
    Element: Fire
    Planet: Sun (Ruled by Self)
    Traits: Compassionate, Self-Aware, Authoritative
    • Leos have a strong sense of authority. They love to be a leader and take control with their confidence and opinions. Leos are made for a bold drink like the dirty chai. Their fire sign helps bring in the spice from the masala chai, while the espresso base represents their innate confidence.

    Virgo - Cappuccino  

    Virgo sign and cappuccino
    Dates: August 23- September 22 
    Element: Earth
    Planet: Mercury (Planet of Communication)
    Traits: Practical, Critical, Reliable
    • Virgos are reliable and straightforward. They know what they like, and they know what they want. We think that a cappuccino is a perfect fit for a Virgo. No frills; just a tried and true classic of espresso and steamed milk. 

    Libra - Rose Latte 

    Libra and rose latte
    Dates: September 22- October 23 
    Element: Air
    Planet: Venus (Planet of Love)
    Traits: Balanced, Charming, Extroverted
    • Libras are led by the planet of love. They romanticize life and everything that comes with it. Because of this they are very charming and great at communication. Libras deserve a drink that is not only tasty, but also extravagant - a rose latte. It is a floral and bold caffeinated delight that is awesome hot or iced.

    Scorpio - Espresso Martini 

    scorpio sign and espresso martini
    Dates: October 23- November 21 
    Element: Water
    Planet: Pluto (Planet of Transformation)
    Traits: Mysterious, Honest, Bold
    • Scorpios are mysterious and secretive. They seek the thrills of life and are always down for an adventure. Ruled by the planet of Pluto, they can adapt quickly and constantly strive to be their best selves. Because of their transformational abilities and their desire for adventure, an espresso martini is a perfect fit for this sign. 

    Sagittarius - Chaga Mushroom Coffee

    Sagittarius sign and chaga mushroom coffee

    Dates: November 22- December 21 
    Element: Fire
    Planet: Jupiter (Planet of Luck and Expansion)
    Traits: Independent, Optimistic, Adventurous

    • Just as they are a fire sign, Sagittarius’ are always ready to light up any party. They are extroverted and love to spend time with people that open their mind to new opportunities. Because of this, their favorite beverage would be chaga mushroom coffee. This is coffee beans blended with chaga mushrooms. Chaga mushrooms are known to have various health benefits and are one of the most antioxidant foods on Earth. 

    Capricorn - Military Latte 

    Capricorn sign and military latte

    Dates: December 22- January 19 
    Element: Earth
    Planet: Saturn (Planet of Achievement and Challenge)
    Traits: Hardworking, Ambitious, Goal-Oriented

    • Capricorns are extremely hardworking and will put all their energy into things they are passionate about. Because of this, a super tasty high-caffeine drink will help them focus on the task at hand. That’s why we recommend the military latte - a matcha latte with a shot of espresso, vanilla syrup, and cocoa powder. What more could you ask for, right?

    Aquarius - Turkish Coffee 

    Aquarius sign and Turkish coffee

    Dates: January 20- February 18 
    Element: Air
    Planet: Uranus (Planet of Innovation)
    Traits: Unique, Clever, Curious

    • Aquarians are known to be innovative and strive to be their best authentic selves. A unique individual deserves to be paired with an equally unique coffee: Turkish Coffee. Turkish Coffee is a beautiful unfiltered coffee brewing method. It combines finely ground coffee beans and water brought to a boil and reheated several times to create the distinguished foam. Turkish coffee is strong like espresso so drinking it unsweetened is not for the faint of heart. 

    Pisces - Affogato

    Pisces sign and affogato

    Dates: February 19- March 20
    Element: Water
    Planet: Neptune (Planet of Imagination)
    Traits: Creative, Hardworking, Sensitive

    • Pisces are known to be dreamy and creative. They have a way of making things from their wildest imaginations come true. That makes an affogato a picture-perfect coffee pairing for this sign. For those unfamiliar, an affogato is a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over it. Ice cream and espresso, count me in!

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