Bruvi Blog: 2021 A Year in Review

Vanessa Feiwell • January 03, 2022 • 4 min read

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This Year Was One For The Books

As with any year, 2021 certainly had its highs and lows but we appreciate all of you for being with us along the way. Before we leave 2021 completely behind us, let’s look at what the Bruvi® Blog brought you this past year!

A Look Inside Bruvi B-Pods® 

Coffee always comes first at Bruvi and we were able to share a peek behind the curtains at some of our producer partners. In Peru, we teamed up with  Cenfrocafe Co-Op, which supports the efforts of over 2,000 small farmers and promotes outstanding coffee growing standards. In Guatemala, we also aligned with Coffee Kids Huehuetenango which supports organizations investing in the next generation of outstanding coffee farmers

John, our resident coffee nerd, joined a very elite group of coffee experts by becoming a certified Q-Grader this year. Way to go John! He was also busy at the Bruvi Lab in Los Angeles, trying some of the finest coffees from across the world. One of the most spectacular coffees we got our hands on this year was an anaerobic processed coffee from a prized producer in Colombia, Finca El Paraiso that was just too good not to talk about!

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Bruvi Pre-Orders Went Live 

After much anticipation and some pandemic-related delays, Bruvi pre-orders went live! The Bruvi Bundle was offered at a 45% discount and for those lucky enough to snag the $198 package, they got all the goodies including our BV-01 brewer, House Party Variety Pack, water filter and Japanese knot bag. I promise the wait will be well worth it when these start shipping in just a few short months!

Our Love for Coffee and Dogs Grew Even Stronger

It’s no secret that we are crazy about our coffee…and pets! With more time at home than ever before, we all capitalized on extra time with our furry friends and highlighted our lovable team members in our annual pet appreciation post. For those that got COVID pups like me, we decided to offer some suggestions for  dog names for coffee lovers. Give Brewer and Latte an extra treat for us! 

All in all, we came to the conclusion that dogs and coffee are basically the same things

We Shared Our Passion for Coffee

What good is a bunch of coffee knowledge if you don’t share it, right? This year we took our readers on a journey as we explored coffee topics including the impact of varietals, growing altitudes, acidity and the difference between arabica and robusta. We also encouraged everyone to evaluate coffee like a pro by learning how to cup and how to understand the coffee flavor wheel. We hope you took something with you!

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Created a Community of Master Brewers

The beauty of coffee is largely in the preparation itself. With so many different brewed coffee methods to choose from, each with a different resulting cup, we wanted to ensure you had all the knowledge needed to be a pro with any brew coffee method. From tips on traditional brew methods like drip coffee and French press to slightly more obscure brew methods like Aeropress and Moka Pot, we covered all our bases. And for those iced coffee lovers, we shared our love for cold brew and just what makes it so special. 

Went on a Coffee Trip 

For those consumed by wanderlust, we feel you. We hope our guide on how to find the best coffee shops in town will help on your 2022 travels. If you happen to find yourself in New Orleans any time soon, you also now know the story behind the famed chicory coffee. And if you’re trying to plan an international trip, maybe you will now consider going to one of the top coffee drinking countries where it won’t be difficult to find your morning cup of joe.

It’s Cool to Be Environmentally Conscious

Caring about the environment and focusing on sustainability is part of the Bruvi ethos. While we aren’t perfect, we strive to get better each day and hope some of what we shared this year will help you do just that. Maybe now you will think twice when ordering alternative milk and consider trying one with less of an impact on our environment. 2021 was the year we decided to ditch disposable coffee cups and even tried a delicious yet commonly discarded coffee byproduct, Cascara

As Always, Bruvi Gave Lots of Random Coffee Advice

Bruvi went a little outside the box with some fun coffee posts this year. From how to pick the best coffee mugs to how much to tip your barista, there was a little something for everyone. And there was certainly no shortage of suggested coffee couplings from chocolate and coffee to holiday movie pairings. And when springtime came around, we hope our advice on how to declutter coffee gear made your kitchen spic and span.  

2021 was one heck of a year and we can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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