8 New Year’s (Coffee) Resolutions For 2021

Justin Goldstein • December 31, 2020 • 3 min read

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Here Are Some Fun Ways You Can Expand Your Coffee Horizons In 2021

We can all breathe a sigh of relief as 2020 is finally in the books and we look towards the promise of a brighter future. As we take a moment to reflect on one of the most challenging years in modern history and optimistically prepare for 2021, I urge everyone to think about adding a coffee new year’s resolution to your list.

1. Give Alternative Milks a Shot

Dairy milk is so last decade. This is the right time to experiment with some amazing alternative milk options. Whether it’s oat, almond, soy, hemp, coconut or macadamia,  there are so many to choose from, and frankly, there seems to be more every day. If you’ve had a bad experience with non-dairy milks in the past, try to keep an open mind and you might be surprised. The cherry on top is that by choosing an alternative milk, you are likely making a more eco-friendly decision for our planet.


2. Drink More Black Coffee

This can be the year you start enjoying coffee in its purest form. Start slowly by tasting each coffee before you add cream or sugar and work your way towards enjoying your coffee entirely black. Not only will this align with any health-related resolutions on your list by removing calories and sugar from your morning coffee, but it will also allow you to experience unique coffee flavors like never before.

3. Find Your Coffee

With some of the things you’ve learned from our Bruvi Blog, we hope you’ll start looking at your coffee through a new lens. Next time you go to buy coffee, try experimenting with a new roast level, processing method or origin. This is the year when you explore all that coffee has to offer and define your personal preferences.

4. Splurge on a Geisha

If you really want to celebrate the new year in style, consider indulging in a Panamanian Geisha. This is one of the most exclusive and highly prized coffees in the world and will be unlike anything you have tried before. Forget the expensive champagne, and order a small bag from your favorite specialty roaster’s limited release. As long as you have the right tools to brew this properly at home and savor every moment of the experience, it can be well worth the initial sticker shock.

5. Try a New Drink

It’s always fun to try something new. Whether it’s a traditional coffee shop drink you’ve never tried before or a regional favorite, like chicory coffee or Vietnamese iced coffee, as far as I’m concerned, everything is worth trying at least once. You might even want to give cascara, coffee cherry tea, a shot this year!

6. Repurpose Your Old Coffee Grounds

Each year I make a commitment to try to be more eco-conscious in my daily life. This is true with my coffee consumption and specifically how I can avoid tossing old coffee grounds in the trash. There is a lot you can do with your old coffee grounds. From fertilizer to DIY body scrubs and cleaners, try to give new life to your old coffee this year.


7. Give Decaf A Shot

Before you give me the death stare, hear me out. Decaf coffee can be delicious. It’s no longer the afterthought of roasters and is actually starting to get the care and attention it deserves. If you seek out excellent specialty decaf coffee, especially ones with natural decaffeination, you will be pleasantly surprised. With the absence of caffeine, you might be able to indulge in delicious coffee at times you never thought were possible. The ability to drink more coffee without the caffeine concerns sounds like a winning proposition to me.

8. Get Fancy with Coffee at Home

We’ve all become accustomed to more time at home than ever before, and it looks like that will remain the case for the foreseeable future. It’s a great time to start recreating the coffee shop experience at home. From learning how to cup coffee to making a world class pour over in your kitchen, what challenge will you tackle next? For those looking to take their home coffee experience to an entirely new level, keep your eye on Bruvi® updates as we get ready to change the coffee game in 2021. That’s our new year’s resolution!

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